Motel Rocks “Linda” sheer crop top, Topshop kilt, Mathilda choker, Windsor Smith sandals, rings from eBay.

It must have been December that I shot this outfit but I never had the chance to post it before I went overseas! So I’m going to publish it for you guys now while I’m still preparing my last travel posts and a few other upcoming bits. Can I just say… I actually have an obsession with kilts right now. I want one in every colour. I’ve found myself looking on school uniform websites, yup… although it’s tricky when you want it to be mini length. If you guys can recommend any good places to find some, you must let me know, ok? Hope you guys are all doing well 🙂 thank you for all your lovely comments lately, I always look forward to reading them all so much ♡

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  1. Emily
    February 4, 2013 / 6:40 am

    Such a gorgeous skirt! You look so good, why didn't you post this until now!?

  2. Larissa Blintz
    February 4, 2013 / 7:01 am


  3. francesca
    February 4, 2013 / 7:56 am

    the only place i've seen kilts has been topshop! and this little vintage shop in long jetty – though they're not minis 🙁 is there a link to where you got your choker from? i love it :)

  4. Izumi
    February 4, 2013 / 9:49 am

    I am also very into kilts right now.Therre is a Paul & Joe Sister one on the Outnet. I think it's on sale??? I really want that one ugh.

  5. Wendy Doe
    February 4, 2013 / 11:24 am

    Perfect girl !You have the same obsession as me ^-^I bought one lately, you can check on my last post ;)

  6. Magnet
    February 4, 2013 / 11:37 am

    I'd try etsy for the skirts! I agree, kilts are awesome, I have one that's checkered, aah, love it soo much, just have to have it altered because it's too big for me now T__T I freaking love the one you're wearing now too! Sucks that I missed out on it. I think AA have some?

  7. Maki
    February 4, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    Sophie. I just want to say, that you're awesome and I want you always stay awesome, because you're one of the rare people who inspires me. A lot.(Your blog is uber cute.)Mi mi mi. ✜ ✜ ✜

  8. Sami Spoon
    February 4, 2013 / 5:53 pm

    Love the kilt :)

  9. Angelina
    February 4, 2013 / 7:12 pm

    oh my god!!! I think your blog is possible my favourite blog at this moment. Like. WOW. All-black sheer crop top and pleated skirt?? *dies* =^.^=

  10. Anonymous
    February 5, 2013 / 7:01 am

    most perfect ⊙ヮ⊙

  11. maja
    February 5, 2013 / 9:32 am


  12. sah
    February 7, 2013 / 8:16 am

    this outfit has the best 90s gothic sk8 vibes. Love!

  13. Wends
    February 10, 2013 / 1:11 am

    so cute, bangin as usual! that motel crop looks awesome so jelly of your wavy gold locks 😮

  14. Sinéad Odessa
    February 15, 2013 / 10:56 pm

    I never thought I would love a kilt but it's definitely cute! I do like it in mini, too. Also, your hair.. is amazing. xxSinead

  15. Gabriela Paveloski
    March 12, 2013 / 5:09 am

    Seriously you cant be real O_O sooooo pretty and the outfit is so perfect too <33 love it

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