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Recreating the Look | Sarah from 'Labyrinth'

Ever since I first saw a rerun of Labyrinth (1986) on TV when I was still in primary school, I had always really liked the look of Sarah's outfit. For those of you who haven't seen this cult classic, a young Jennifer Connelly plays teenager Sarah who goes on a journey through a magical labyrinth to rescue her baby brother after he's captured by the sassy and stylish Goblin King a.k.a. David Bowie. I won't spoil it though because it's worth a watch! (Or at least go and look up "Magic Dance" in YouTube). Anyway, Sarah's main outfit features essential mid 80s ~ early 90s pieces, such as her oversized vest and billowy blouse (those sleeves are amazing). Considering today's trends are a mishmash of 60s, 70s and 90s revival, why the heck not bring back a bit of 80s vibes. If you're not keen on the waistcoat, you could easily ditch it or go for a more minimal oversized vest. All items below:

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  1. You recreate very well the outfit, good choice character for a great movie! :)


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