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Hello Kitty Diner Sydney

Last week I checked out the new Hello Kitty Diner located in The District at Chatswood Interchange, Sydney. Our order included the sweet potato fries, a pancake shake and a cinnamon waffle with apple pie ice cream and caramel sauce. For a quick review on the food, it is very average and not something we'd return for. The shake is basically a maple syrup flavoured thickshake, the waffle was too soft (almost undercooked) on the inside (although the apple pie ice cream was great - plus it's KITTY SHAPED!), however the sweet potato fries were easily the best item we ordered. Thick cut, well-seasoned and not at all dry like others we've tried. The best part was the super cute interiors! Very #aesthetic with the wallpaper and prints reminiscent of 80s and 90s graphic design. It's worth checking out this joint if you're a fan of themed cafes and want a cute photo for instagram.

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