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Giza Tennis Club

Giza x Joyrich Tennis Club sweatshirt + matching sweatpants 
Pink cap from eBay

This Giza x Joyrich Tennis Club collection was everything! The pastel colours, cute prints and embroidery. Also, I played tennis for about 9 years when I was a kid so I feel it's slightly more relevant to me. A pale pink and white tennis court would have been my dream! Plus yellow smiley face tennis balls of course.

By the way, the sweatpants from this set are for sale over here on my blog shop.

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Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher

The other week we checked out Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher in Newtown (Sydney), which is both a store and cafe. It has been on my list ever since I saw their amazing breakfast menu (and it's ALL DAY might I add!). I chose the waffles with maple syrup and banana, with a side of vanilla ice cream and a hash brown. My sister went for the hash brown breakfast, with avocado on turkish bread, hash browns, tomato and smokey rashers. All of the menu items are 100% vegan. The food was tasty and portions were generous, but I hope they can introduce a bigger variety of iced drink options on the menu soon, such as coffees, milkshakes, etc. I'm keen to head back soon to try out their tofu scramble and their burgers!

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Recreating the Look | Nicole from 'Fear'

The movie Fear from 1996 is one of those films that I feel is under-appreciated in terms of 90s fashion. The main character, Nicole, is a teenager who falls victim to a super shady guy (I'm not going to spoil it, it's worth watching if you haven't) while also having many awesome and inspiring 90s fashion moments throughout the film (I was obsessed with finding low block heel Mary Jane shoes for at least a year after seeing it for the first time). In fact you can watch pretty much any of Reese Witherspoon's appearances in film during the 90s ~ early 2000s and get a ton of style inspiration. What I like about Nicole's outfits is that they incorporate so many quintessential 90s trends, just like her first look as above, which you will recognise from my second 90s look book video. They're also perfect as a guide for recreating an authentic 90s girly look. All items below:

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Day in the Life | City Brunch

November 11, 2015
  • Pandan pancakes at Blaq Piq
  • Christmas decorations at the QVB
  • Amazing Peter Pan jewelry! I want it all ♡
Here's another series I'm introducing on my blog - day-in-the-life photo diaries and weekly review posts. I don't tend to create vlog style videos when I'm at home (in other words, not travelling) but I figured this would be a great alternative where I can share snippets of more interesting days in my life. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

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Coordinated in Fila

This is definitely going to be my favourite look for spring/summer! You might have already spotted this outfit in my recent vlog where I wore it for the first time, and the coordination of the Fila dress and shoes wasn't even intentional. The shoes I've had for over a year though, and they've been around for ages, I just came across them on eBay one day (I think while searching for a different design?). It's interesting to see how Fila has become such a trend nowadays! and I'm glad it has for reasons such as this dress. I kid you not, I was considering buying another one as a backup because I love it so much.

So here are the items from this look! Some are exact and others are similar styles as mine are no longer available. That beret though - I get so many questions about my vintage beret, and this one I found is the most similar I've ever seen in a mainstream store. So now we can all be twinsies.
  1. Polo dress
  2. Mini backpack
  3. Mini backpack (alternative)
  4. Beret
  5. Shoes
  6. Watch
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Recreating the Look | Mathilda Lando

If any of you guys followed me on Polyvore a couple of years ago (back when I was still an active user) you might remember that I always posted outfit sets inspired by fictional characters. As I say time and time again, a lot of my style inspiration comes from characters from film and TV. So with this in mind, I thought I would bring back these outfit sets here on my blog as a more regular thing!

So today's look is inspired by Mathilda Lando from Leon The Professional. And yes, I know you're thinking that this is very "tumblr" and that Mathilda as a 90s style icon has pretty much been milked dry on the internet over the past couple of years, but she still has a fun look to recreate with modern fashion pieces so of course I had to put together a set for her (plus she was one of the original looks I created back in the day on Polyvore). While Mathilda is a character that I've seen pop up in the form of Halloween costumes recently, her style is also very wearable in an everyday context. She definitely nails the aesthetic of the tough-but-fragile girl. All items below:
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Hello Kitty Diner Sydney

Last week I checked out the new Hello Kitty Diner located in The District at Chatswood Interchange, Sydney. Our order included the sweet potato fries, a pancake shake and a cinnamon waffle with apple pie ice cream and caramel sauce. For a quick review on the food, it is very average and not something we'd return for. The shake is basically a maple syrup flavoured thickshake, the waffle was too soft (almost undercooked) on the inside (although the apple pie ice cream was great - plus it's KITTY SHAPED!), however the sweet potato fries were easily the best item we ordered. Thick cut, well-seasoned and not at all dry like others we've tried. The best part was the super cute interiors! Very #aesthetic with the wallpaper and prints reminiscent of 80s and 90s graphic design. It's worth checking out this joint if you're a fan of themed cafes and want a cute photo for instagram.

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Brand Shop SALE!

♡ Spring cleaning is happening over on my official brand store » ♡ 

Most items reduced to make space for new products (literally making space as I am moving house soon and need to clear the last stock). There’s not much left so order quick! All orders come with a free sticker. Tote bags come with a free postcard too! and thank you as always for the continued support :-)

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My Current Makeup Look (Soft Winged Eye)

This is a look I've been wearing very often lately, and it's my go-to look for photos or video. It's easy to recreate, especially the soft winged eye which doesn't require the skill and precision of eyeliner, as I only use black eyeshadow. You can tweak this look in many ways, such as the lip colour, blush tone, and the darkness of the eyeshadow wing. I make mine a lot darker for evening events or for photos! I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, and you can check out a list of all products used below.

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation
2. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer
3. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
4. Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder
5. Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette
6. Anastasia Brow Wiz
7. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
8. Elf Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve
9. Too Faced Love Flush in Baby Love
10. Too Faced Candlelight Glow Duo
11. Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Beige
12. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Penelope Pink
Elf Flawless Concealer Brush
MAC 224 Brush
MAC 217 Brush
Sigma E30 Brush

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Gifts from Tokyo

It's always great when your family/friends come home from a trip after a long time, but even better when they bring gifts!! Thanks to my sister for bringing me back these awesome gifts from Tokyo. Follow her on instagram @helloxhalle

Koh Gen Do UV Face Powder, Sailor Moon Eyeliner, DHC Moisture Care Lipstick, chopsticks from the Moomin Cafe, Stormtrooper metal pin from the Star Wars exhibition at the Mori Art Museum.

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REVIEW | My Favourite Pale Foundations

My pale pals out there will know that when trying to find a truly great pale foundation the struggle is real. If you can think of a pale foundation, I can pretty much guarantee you I've already tried it, tested/swatched it in a store, or read about it (in the latter case, the ingredients sucked so I stopped there). This post breaks down everything you need to know about some of my favourite (and less favourite) pale foundations that I currently own.


☆ NOTE: I will not be reviewing these foundations based on ingredients, only by colour/shade and performance. If you wish to find out details about ingredients of each foundation, please click the links to their Beautypedia reviews below! ☆
Tarte / Revlon (Oily) / Revlon (Dry) / Clinique / Kat Von D / Make Up For Ever / Illamasqua (no Beautypedia review)
Photographed under natural, indirect light. Low angle to show contrast in colours.
Left to right: Tarte, Revlon (Oily), Revlon (Dry), Clinique, Make Up For Ever, Kat Von D, Illamasqua.

About My Skin
TONE: Fair skin, although I'm still undecided on whether I have more pink or yellow undertones. I've done the veins test and on one arm my veins are green, and on the other they are blue. Looking at my face, I can straight up say it looks like pink undertones, but my neck is slightly more yellow. This means I can go either way with foundations, but blending will be very important.
TYPE: Dry, breakout-prone skin (hormonal zone only)

Finding the "Perfect Match"
Where should you swatch your foundation on your body to figure out the right shade? Many professional makeup artists say swatch it on the neck, and I would agree with this. However, I've also tested on my jaw/lower cheek area and this has worked well too. Ultimately you'll need good blending skills for whatever foundation you use to make it appear as natural as possible. Next point - this is probs gonna be a total no-brainer to some people, but I think the following is really easy to forget when we are bombarded with so many foundation colour options. Fair skin isn't just pale pink, it has other undertones in it too like blue and green and purple (e.g. from our veins of course). Reminds me of in art class my teacher once pointed out how an oil painting of a face featured flecks of blue paint amongst the colours that made up it's realistic-looking skin tone. Depending on our environment, the lighting, our physical state, etc. the skin on our face and neck will appear differently. So my advice is not to fret too much about finding a perfect match, but finding the tone that is most flattering to your face. The aim is not to just mask all imperfections on your face with just one shade picked out of a whole bunch from your face and neck, but pick one that improves how your skin looks - in other words, you want it to look vibrant, healthy and glowing (unless you are going for a different look which is totally cool as well!). Not only that, you want the coverage, finish and overall performance of the foundation to work for your unique skin. So let's get started!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15
Shade: I don't freaking know because they don't print it on the bottle. I assume it's the lightest.

One of my more recent foundation purchases, I bought this based on colour and shade. Despite it looking the darkest in comparison to the other foundations I'm reviewing, it does not at all look this way blended on the skin - I can't stress this enough! It has a very natural skin-like colour, and is also quite neutral in terms of pink or yellow tones, but if I had to pick one it leans towards pink. The colour of this foundation looks slightly desaturated when you swatch it on your fingers, especially when I'm used to swatching pale foundations that are really just pale yellow or pale pink (see my earlier remarks from Finding the Perfect Match). The texture is like a thick chocolate mousse, which is quite obvious just from the photo above. The way I like to apply this product is by smoothing it between my 4 fingers of both hands and patting/pressing it onto my face, then using a brush for the eye area. This product is described by Tarte as having a satin-matte finish and I would agree very much with the satin part if you're applying to a freshly moisturised face. It settle and dries down to a more matte finish. This foundation is definitely full-coverage, but for me requires a tiny bit of building in bad areas plus a little concealer, where as on some days I can stick with foundation alone. It's comfortable to wear throughout the day and never feels drying. Currently my go-to foundation.

Coverage - 4/5
Texture - mousse
Colour - neutral~pink
Finish - starts of satin~dewy, can settle to satin~matte

Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Combination/Oily)
Shade: Ivory

Revlon ColorStay has been a favourite foundation for a few years now*, but it certainly does not mean I am completely happy with it. The coverage is excellent, and it applies extremely easily while covering hyper-pigmentation and blemishes. Highly pigmented so it can be built with no concealer required. The colour of the Oily Ivory tone is very slightly pinker and darker than the Dry, so for me if I do not blend it well beyond my jawline, it looks quite dark and pink against my neck. The finish looks super dewy and wet on a moisturised face and for me so I always have to set it with powder. My one major issue with this foundation is that it creases easily when you show facial expressions, e.g. it makes fine lines on your forehead if you raise your eyebrows. It has commonly been reviewed to settle into fine lines so this is no surprise, but it really is a shame. This is the foundation I always wear in my photos and videos as it looks great on camera, but with that comes the fact that it can feel quite heavy on the face, so I tend to wear it only for special occasions.

Coverage - 5/5
Texture - thick liquid
Colour - pinker undertones
Finish - dewy over moisturiser

*I am aware that Revlon and possibly some other brands in this post, mentioned in my blog and/or YouTube videos are tested on animals. Some of these products I started using when I was new to makeup (and didn't do my research) and have continued to use until today completely unaware of how they are made. I'm not okay with animal testing and I have been working towards removing all products tested on animals from my makeup collection. 

Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Normal/Dry)
Shade: Ivory

I honestly have never noticed a difference in performance between the Oily and the Dry versions of this foundation when applied on the skin, so this will be very similar to the above review. The only differences I have to note are texture and shade. This foundation is noticeably more liquid when swatched next to the Oily version. Oily holds it's shape when pumped, where as the Dry spreads into a puddle. As a person with dry, breakout-prone skin I find they are both effective for me, it just comes down to the colour difference. The colour of this foundation leans toward slightly more yellow undertones in comparison to the other version above. Not only that, I find it to appear less densely pigmented as the Oily version so therefore a tiny bit lighter in overall colour. I think with my pinker face and yellower neck as I mentioned earlier, this is most likely a better in-between colour for me. I highly recommend swatching both Ivory versions in a store against your neck and allowing them to dry completely.

Coverage - 5/5
Texture - liquid
Colour - slightly more yellow
Finish - dewy over moisturiser

Clinique Supermoisture Makeup  
Shade: 02 Linen

This foundation was a purchase purely for coverage and texture, not so much for paleness. I wanted to review it for those who have a similar skin type or tone as me and are looking for a light-coverage, hydrating foundation. A very moist, creamy texture, it provides very light coverage and warms my skin tone. So yes, it definitely leans towards golden yellow tones. And yup, you will notice it looks a little more yellow than you might be used to. It feels extremely hydrating on the skin and has a highly dewy finish. One little problem though is that although it’s in the lightest shade, it still requires a good amount of blending out for my slightly pinker undertones.

Coverage - 2/5
Texture - creamy
Colour - very warm/yellow tones
Finish - dewy

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +
Shade: 15 Alabaster

One of my earliest pale foundation purchases, we are now moving into the very light shade zone. Occasionally I still use this foundation as it's easy to apply and covers well, although it does require concealer. The colour has pink undertones, which shows how the bottle is quite misleading as it looks a lot more yellow than the actual product itself. The one thing that I think is misleading is that they call it "Mat", because if you apply this to a moisturised face it is not matte. If you want a truly almost magical matte finish, try Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. That stuff is like watching a science project happen on your face, it dries almost instantly like powder. Anyway... Mat Velvet+ for me is probably more like a satin-matte finish to dewy depending on the state of my skin, provides medium coverage (buildable to full) and is overall a decent product. One of the main reasons I use this less is that I find the liquid texture combined with the packaging pretty messy.

Coverage - 3~4/5
Texture - liquid
Colour - light with pink undertones
Finish - varies depending on skin

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation *
Shade: Light 42

Since Kat Von D is known for having a flawless full face of makeup all the time (as well as alabaster skin of course) I figured this foundation would be great. And it did seem so for a while, although now I’ve tried so many others it’s far from my favourite (in fact I don’t even use it anymore). It has a very thick, almost sticky texture and is quite tricky to remove at the end of the day. It definitely ticks the box for being long-wearing as it claims, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing for everyone. The shade is very light with pink undertones, clearly the 2nd lightest of all the foundations reviewed in this post, and provides full coverage. Just swatching a small amount of this foundation really shows how thick and highly-pigmented the product is. Why don’t I use this foundation anymore? Mainly because of the extremely thick texture. Nowadays I prefer something that is a little quicker and easier to apply that feels more comfortable on the face. I recommend this foundation for those who are adamant about finding that truly pale shade while achieving high coverage.

Coverage - 5/5
Texture - thick and creamy
Colour - very light with pink undertones
Finish - satin~matte

*Mine is a purchase from early 2013 when it was called "Lock-It Longwear Foundation" as you can see in the photo. It's since been renamed to "Lock-It Tattoo Foundation".

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation
Shade: 02

I feel like I shouldn’t even be reviewing this foundation because it was almost a mistake purchasing it all together, but let me give you the backstory. I tried it out in-store under department store lights and at the time all I cared about was PALENESS. At the time all I thought was - I am pale person. Me need pale foundation. Must be like white colour !!! So when I saw that this foundation was just one step up from the white shade, I was like YES! This should finally not look like all the too yellow or too dark foundations I’ve failed with. In the store it looked good (I'm pretty sure I only swatched it on my hand like a dingus) so I purchased it. I used this foundation for weeks until one day, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in bright natural light in a mirror across the room, and I honestly looked sickly. You might be thinking, “you probably needed some bronzer!” well a good foundation shouldn’t require a bunch of other products. So I stopped using it and now I keep it as a lightening supplement (which I still never use lol). But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good pale foundation, I probably just should have chosen a shade darker perhaps? I’ve never gone back to see. I wanted to review this exact shade as a warning to you pale folk thinking your skin is as white as printer paper when it actually isn’t. In terms of performance, this would classify as medium coverage to me with a liquid texture, not particularly buildable. The stiff packaging makes this product difficult to apply onto your hands or brush, so you end up using a shaking/tapping motion. The shade is extremely pale and extremely pink. It's like a very pale peach colour.

Coverage - 3/5
Texture - liquid
Colour - lightest of all
Finish - varies, but for me it requires powder

So in all this, is there a standout winner? No, but there are definitely losers, and these are pretty obvious in my review (lol). But as for the handful of successes, it all comes down to what I'm using them for. If you're pale and on the hunt for a foundation, here are my final summarising tips:
  1. You might be pale, but remember your skin is not literally as white as printer paper
  2. Your skin is more colours than just pink or beige
  3. Do not be deceived by photos/videos of swatches - always try it yourself
  4. Although ingredients are not touched on in this review, always be aware of them before buying
  5. Foundation isn't just about making your face all the one even shade, but also improving it!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! And although I did mention I've tried most pale foundations, feel free to still comment your own recommendations or any other tips/tricks of your own when it comes to finding a great foundation. Talk to you soon! x


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Los Angeles & Hawaii 2015

Some of my favourite photos from my visit to Los Angeles and Hawaii in December and January. This is the first holiday I've had in a while where I felt that I've been able to completely, 100% unwind and not let my worries get to me. Plus we did a ton of cool activities like parasailing, swimming with dolphins and an island helicopter flight. Be sure to check out all the best moments in my LA and Hawaii vlogs above.

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