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Brandy Melville cropped turtleneck, American Apparel jeans, vintage belt, vintage Coach backpack, thrifted beret, Windsor Smith loafers, Giza necklace.

This is my anticipating autumn look… At this time of the year (especially after having recently shopped in another country's winter) I feel like I am so ready to crack out my new cooler-weather pieces yknow?? and I'm just like lookin at that weather app with Sydney reading 33 degrees celcius.

Had some exciting events the past couple of weeks, including my birthday. Thank you so much to everyone for sending me kind wishes :-) And I should definitely give my birthday dinner a mention. Basically every year I can choose a restaurant I'd like to visit, and this year (after wanting to go for literally 2 yrs) I finally went to Arras! Such an experience. One of the best parts was the petit fours, which were like a portable candy shop - you can spend as long as you like with the selection of tiny cakes and sweets and eat as much as you like (this is following 3 courses btw... I wish I was able to eat more of them!) Anyway I'll now leave you with my photos below as they will do it all much better justice than my descriptions. Hope you are all having a great February ( ´=ิ◞౪◟=ิ’)

(p.s. not sure if explaining the post title is necessary, but here's a clue: "What's with today, today?")

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  1. Awww yum, congratulations. Birthday and a graduation! I hope for the best in your future. Hope you achieve all that you wish and receive all that you deserve. The food looks amazing, I love how they're plated and that just makes it a million times more appetising.

  2. That food looks so good (=^.^=) Glad your getting back into blogging again now that you're back in Aus :D

  3. Ah you are so perfect I can't even...! <3

  4. Niece :) That hat suits you so much! :)

  5. you look like lana del rey! you're beautiful. this blog is amazing, my dear <3

  6. congrats on your birthday and graduation! i'll be graduating in a few months myself, scary how time flies!
    you look great btw.

  7. Your lil' bag makes you look like you're goin' on a cool adventure.


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