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Submarine adventure in Lahaina

Whale watching in Lahaina
They swam right under our tiny boat, it was amazing!!

The Big Island - Hualalai

Our sea turtle friend! we hung out almost every day I swam in the ocean :-)


Lawson Station! just like in Japan aw

the real reason we come to the USA..

Waikiki Aquarium

Diamond Head Summit

Our two weeks in Hawaii were divine! Such a great place to unwind after a crazay year. The highlights for me were definitely whale watching, the submarine and swimming with Hualalai sea turtles in the ocean. Many of our activities and more I documented here on my Vine. There are so many more things I'd like to see and do and explore in Hawaii, need to get back there ASAP! I also knocked a ton off my shopping list, so most likely I will do a video about what I bought pretty soon, and Happy New Year btw! Hope you've all been having a great 2014 so far :-)

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  1. Looks like a most beautiful and inspiring trip! I love it when my phone has 'no service'! Looks like you made a lot of cool animal friends (and had a lot of decadent pancakes) :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Catch up ASAP when I get back to Sydney, ok!?
    xxx Vanessa

  2. Wow, I just had a dose of the Great Barrier Reef, from looks like Hawaii is just a whole world better than that. And you got to see such gorgeous delights like turtles. I totally want to experience American shopping. Can't wait for your video.

  3. wow! photos are amazing, you're a lucky!, travel places as beautiful! ... your photos made ​​me sigh indeed! ... I'll be waiting for your video, I love your outfits, and all you get in your travels!

  4. lucky you ! ^-^ You saw so many beautiful landscapes !! Hawaii seems like a dream ~~
    And your purchases seem interesting haha

  5. Looks like you had a lovely trip! :)

  6. Nice pictures! It looks really lovely!

    x Dawn

  7. it all looks so amazing! I wanna go there some day *-*

  8. ur such a babe, hawaii looks so fab omg

  9. Very beautiful photos! It must have been an amazing place to travel to.
    Btw I talk about you in my last post on my blog..this isn't to promote myself but I wanted to show you☺☺

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Hawaii. Your travel photos are cute. I've lived here all my life and I still haven't gone underwater fish-watching yet, but there's a lagoon/controversial tourist spot called Hanauma Bay and you get to snorkel with all the fishes there. There's A LOT!

    P.S. You look like an angel!


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