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American Apparel tennis skirt, custom cropped white sweater, Nike AF1 sneakers, white tiger backpack, Forever New gold chain, Adidas Originals watch.

So basically this is as close as I can get to becoming the princess Jasmine of Sydney, but I still have hopes to find a nice rich man/woman (anybody willing tbh) to provide me with a real and very alive upgrade... A girl can dream But this beheaded version already gets so many stares and requests from strangers to pet it. And he even gets his own seat at cafes! Pretty much completely spoiled like all my cats.

I don't think I've ever had a bigger project/DIY/post requests/activity/watch list than I do currently. I've already ticked a bunch off and have been feeling super productive (e.g. my custom sweater in this post). By now I've finished at least 4 first seasons of current TV shows, seen a handful of movies, and finished watching playthroughs of a few games (I feel that The Last of Us deserves a mention here, it will be the reason I buy a PS4) plus started playing The Walking Dead myself (and next up Assassin's Creed or Bioshock Infinite). Gonna do all the things ᕦ(◕ヮ◕ )ノAlso stay tuned for my updated makeup tutorial that will be posted on my tumblr this week! Talk to you soon ♡

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