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Calvin Klein Says So

Vintage Calvin Klein corduroy jacket, vintage pleated tartan skirt from Etsy, thrifted beret, 1461 Doc Martens, vintage Coach leather backpack, Adidas Originals watch, rings from eBay, necklace a gift from a friend.

Starting to realise how much I wear vintage and thrifted items nowadays ?? I feel like the best thing about items like these is that [other than clothing you design and make yourself], they are the most unique.

Don't have a ton of news for you guys atm other than that I've started my beginners japanese course (three weeks in so far!) and it's wonderful aaaaaand that school is eating up a lot of my time as usual... A few days ago I saw Spring Breakers - freaking AWESOME. I've officially decided my halloween costume this year is going to be Alien. Tattoos, grills, cornrows, dollar sign hubcaps, some alien decals for my car. I've already started working on it tbh. Talk to you soon ♡

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Styling Inside Transparent Bags

I finally finished it! My video for styling inside transparent bags. This took a surprisingly long time (as it does when you're a hyper-perfectionist like me), but I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it!

P.S. As you may know if you follow me on tumblr/twitter (and as you can tell at the end of this video), I've been sick lately plus super busy with some styling assisting work and on top of that working on some of my own shoots. Basically timing has really sucked lately D': I still have like... a backlog of content though?! So I'll do my best to have it ready and posted more regularly asap !! I just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared or anything hehe. I'm always around on twitter/tumblr/instagram. Hope you are all doing well, see you soon (´◡`)οΎ‰

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