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We woke up to fresh snow on our first morning in Stockholm.First food experience after we arrived: Semla at a nearby cafe! They're a cream filled bun traditionally eaten during Easter time in Sweden. THEY ARE SO GOOD mmm it's my mission to track down a decent Swedish bakery in Sydney now after trying them.
Breakfast at our Stockholm hotel with my sister (actual best buffet breakfast ever).

Me in our hotel room. Super cold weather can make me dress so simple... cashmere sweater, CUE ruffle layer skort, two layers of cotton-rich leggings and my Canadian-made snow boots (which have the most amazing super soft faux-fur/sheepskin lining omg)

Swedish sweets ♡ Daim is my absolute favourite and has been my whole life tbh. I brought back about 18 2-pack Daim bars in my suitcase :-) and as of now they are all eaten or given away as part of gifts.

More Swedish food - hot dogs. The second one is my sister's, its a grilled hot dog and mashed potato wrapped in flat bread.

David Lachapelle Exhibition at Fotografiska Museet
A-ma-zing exhibition - and ENORMOUS too. So I only included my absolute favourite pictures below (old-school Britney Spears, Devon Aoki, young Leo Decaprio, Lil Kim, Kanye West etc.)

Some pictures I took at Skansen zoo (check out the sloth eating upside down!! oh man aren't sloths just the greatest)

After our weeklong stay in Stockholm we drove to Mariestad, which is where we stayed with our Swedish family. My grandmother was Swedish (Dad's side) making me 1/4 swedish.

In Mariestad I learned how to walk on water~ But seriously walking on a frozen lake was pretty neato and I recommend it to everybody if you ever get the opportunity.

Some phone snaps I took inside our relative's house where we had dinner one night.

Then it was back to England.

I really like Sweden a lot. It feels like a place of learning and relaxing and wandering. I also really miss the snow ; - ; Once again, this really is only a few highlights of Sweden. We were doing things every day and went to a ton of museums, restaurants, exhibitions, shopping etc. but I do my best to keep my posts succinct.

Apologies for how ridiculously long this post has taken to be put up. Been having major troubles with my image uploader, I had to spread out my image uploading alone for this and my next post over about 4 days. I'm back at uni on the 25th so I'm going to make sure to have my last travel posts are up before then orrrrrr at least within the next week and a half? Editing all my travel photos makes me miss being overseas so much. BUT there are lots of exciting things in my travel posts to come so please look forward to them!

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Motel Rocks "Linda" sheer crop top, Topshop kilt, Mathilda choker, Windsor Smith sandals, rings from eBay.

It must have been December that I shot this outfit but I never had the chance to post it before I went overseas! So I'm going to publish it for you guys now while I'm still preparing my last travel posts and a few other upcoming bits. Can I just say... I actually have an obsession with kilts right now. I want one in every colour. I've found myself looking on school uniform websites, yup... although it's tricky when you want it to be mini length. If you guys can recommend any good places to find some, you must let me know, ok? Hope you guys are all doing well :) thank you for all your lovely comments lately, I always look forward to reading them all so much ♡

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