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Vintage cheerleading top from eBay, American Apparel tennis skirt, Nike AF1 sneakers.

Happy Halloween :-) This year I channelled Torance Shipman, Angela Hayes and Marley Shelton. We spent the evening at a Day of the Dead Hullabaloo, which consisted of lots of skull painted faces, mexican fighting masks, freakin good chimichangas and bubbling Death Punch. And we may have got all free drinks for the night cos our costumes were so good?? aw yea. Who did you guys go as for Hallow's Eve slash what did you get up to?

Also can I just say - WOAH... I hadn't realised how long it's been since I posted??? Over two months. Insane! I feel like I have a pretty decent excuse though, final year of uni, major projects, I'm developing my own clothing label yada yada yada... Just you wait, in a few weeks time when university is over forever, I'll be posting so much that you'll be sick of me! - (famous last words...) Talk to you soon :-)

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  1. yayayayaya you're back! i've missed your posts & wondered where you went!
    welcome back :)

  2. You really cute, love the dance hahaha ♥

  3. OMG I fucking love you!

  4. I bought a similar costume off ebay too... love the second hand legit uniforms!!

  5. I love your costume! Fabolous as always. It's great to have you back

  6. Beautiful as always! I really need to get this skirt.


  7. Hello, honey, I hope you like my blog- Fashion Gets Fierce.
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    And follow me on blogger and I promisse that you won't lose anything!

    With love,
    Inês de Castro

    PS: You look liek Lana del Rey, so beautiful!


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