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American Apparel denim jacket and shorts, Nike Air Force One sneakers, H&M gold chain necklace, Adidas Originals watch, rings from eBay.

Oh my god Sofie actually made a new outfit post... She must be on a break from school. Seriously though, I've been so excited for this mid-semester break because I still have a TON of things I want to do and new posts and videos I want to make (I feel like theres a backlog). Also lately I've become even more of a hyper-perfectionist about my blog content, in fact for the first time I recently scrapped a post because it wasn't up to my standards. Basically, good things take time. So I like to wait til I have the time to make my content the best it can be. OH but I did start my next video yesterday! I'm really excited about it, hopefully I'll be able to finish it next week and have it uploaded really soon. In other news, The Walking Dead season 3 is over, so now I don't know what to do with my life. BUT a friend recommended me another amazing zombie series In the Flesh, about cured zombies assimilating back into the living world. Defs check that out if you haven't. Not sure I have much else to update you guys with... other than that I've been buying way too many things for myself lately... sob. I hope you are all doing wonderfully, see you soon!

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  1. I love this light denim look so much! It perfectly matches your pale skin tone and beautiful blonde hair. great!


  2. Love the double denim look, you pull it off really well.

  3. So cute! I always get so afraid wearing denim with denim, but I really like how you kept it simple and paired it with just white and gold. And so jealous that you have uni break ):

  4. That tone of denim is perfect :D

    And thanks for giving us the title of that series. I still haven't finished The Walking Dead but I'd like to see more zombie stuff in the future!

  5. Just darling :) You look so good in denim!

  6. great inspiration for denim on denim! so jelly of you nike sneakers. D:

  7. ohh you are a beauty! this outfit reminds me a bit of Sofia Coppola's "Virgin Suicides", it's so delicate~


  8. Hi Sofie,
    I'm just wondering if you would mind sharing what nailpolish colour you're wearing? It's the perfect salmon peach pink orange!
    Thank you,

    1. It's Coney Island by American Apparel! The colour may show up differently due to my lighting, but it's a basic candy pale pink colour : )

  9. Love denim on denim. and this light wash denim suits your look. Really excited to see upcoming content. It's cool to be perfectionist about your blog, it's like your creative baby, kind of. I can relate, I like spending time making my content exactly as I want. I like making sure that I'm excited about the stuff I'm posting and not just writing for the sake of getting something out there. I've always enjoyed reading your posts, so keep taking your time, yo!

  10. You really pull of the whole denim look... nice work!

  11. Dude, this outfit is a dream. And you do look like Lana which makes me like you more because I am actually in love with her. Great post! :) I hope you will check out my blog too if you get the chance :)


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