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The Home Stretch

Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour London
SO AMAZING... I could spend days here. I think Professor Umbridge's pink office and the Ministry of Magic were my favourite set pieces. The glass case of all the objects featuring graphic design used in the movies, like chocolate wrappers, newspapers, signs etc. was also pretty sick, as were the costumes, he animatronics, and pretty much everything?? Oh and the gift shop, expensive as anticipated, but I did pick up a chocolate frog or two. I took SO many pictures in this exhibition, so I only included a few of my absolute favourites.
Butterbeer ♥ It tasted like butterscotch cream soda. The "froth" was SUPER thick and tangy.

On our last day in London I finally met Joel! (The Hallowed Ground) So excited I got to meet him in person! Plus I was so thrilled I got to see Randa and Dodo again for a second time ♡ yay! I even got to meet Katie Eary (who Joel interns for) since Joel was meeting her for coffee that day. It was also really cool to see quieter parts of London further from the city centre that I've never really had the chance to see before. 
I almost mastered Joel's signature pose (he's in the process of having it patented). Unfortunately my measly tongue just isn't long enough.
We went for Dim Sum later where Dodo met up with us (⌒▽⌒) everything was so good mmmmmm
And Joel let me try on his new oil slick Docs ( ノ  ̄◡  ̄)ノ  
Photo time~
When Randa hijacked my camera...
It was such an awesome time just hanging out in London for the day! Thank you to the gang for showing me around and taking me to cool places (and special thank you to Joel for coming all the way to my hotel to meet me and taking us to meet Katie sob) ah I miss all you guys so much T_T I hope we meet again really soon!

Leaving London - our airport hotel.
Hong Kong stopover hotel.
So this is my last travel post! I hope you guys have enjoyed them. Ah I really miss my trip a lot... But I have lots of good things coming up on here. As usual I will apologise for being a slacker with posting, I just finished my second week back at uni and I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of it. Btw I celebrated my birthday in February, I'll definitely have to show you guys some of the wonderful things I received. I hope you guys are all enjoying your uni/college/spring breaks etc. and are having a great year so far (can you believe it's already March?!). See you soon!

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  1. Wow the set of Harry Potter looks great, I'd love to visit that too!

  2. incredibly jelly at how gorgeous the photos of the Harry Potter studio are and it looks like awesome fun to be meeting up with friends in other countries~ c:

    really enjoyed your travel posts and hope you had a fantastic belated birthday <3

  3. I look forward to the next time we get to hang out. We had so much fun~
    Missing you <3

  4. Oh my god, that's like HP paradise!! I need to go! *---*.

  5. I'm so jealous I really wanna go!

  6. such cool places!!! I can't stop lookin at those jars!!!

  7. Oh my... I'm so jealous that you went to the HP studio!! It looks just like heaven

  8. looks awesome!♥
    i can't wait to go there myself!

  9. WOW the harry potter place looks soooo amazing!!! I really need to go there *-*

  10. such a lovely post. miss england SO MUCH. i particularly adore the snow gif! x

  11. Oh my. This post makes me wanna go there even more. *stares at the map of australia* *tears up*


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