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What Child is This

Outfit details: Custom dress, Senso loafers, Timeco necklace, thrifted beret, bow hair comb from Bloch, rings from eBay / Diva.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! This really is my favourite time of the year (´◡` ) My two favourite christmas albums have been playing on repeat: A Charlie Brown Christmas and Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails 2 (although I do tend to listen to them throughout the year???). We always have a real tree (luvin that sweet, sweet piney scent), our gingerbread scented candles are lit, and the house is drenched with fairy lights. Christmas Day was spent with my immediate family, we are pretty much the only people we know in Australia who don't do a christmas lunch, but rather a breakfast and dinner. I figure it comes from our European background, but it also gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day. The treat I look forward to the most is my grandma's signature recipe, jam tart! And christmas ham is the freakin bomb. The activities I look forward to the most would be giving gifts and reading the jokes inside christmas crackers. What are you guys' favourite holiday things?

On a completely different topic - I recently discovered that some of my images display differently to how I'd like them to when viewing my blog on Internet Explorer. In Explorer any two smaller images placed in a post appear as one below the other, rather than side-by-side, the latter how I intend for them to appear (and how they appear for me on Safari and Chrome). If you're part of the 11% of my readership using Internet Explorer I apologise for how messy the image layout for some of my posts must have looked all this time, I'm currently in the process of going through each old post and fixing this problem where it occurs.

I'm not sure if I'll be doing another post until the new year as I'll be working and then preparing to jet off to Hawaii at the end of next week, so excited! \o/ I'm aiming to have posts ready for scheduling during the time I'm away so I'll see how I go... In the meantime have a great new years! Talk to you soon~☆

What Child Is This? - Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi
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Little Red

Vintage heart buckle dress from etsy, thrifted beret, vintage Coach backpack, silver rings from eBay, diamond rings borrowed from mum, Kmart knee socks, Windsor Smith platform loafers.

It's so great to be able to immerse myself in the holiday season and ~*~sUmMeR~*~. I've spent most of the time finishing christmas shopping (plus a little too much me shopping) and other ❄festive❄ activities like tree decorating and gingerbread house building. Ahh I luv the holidays ♡ Hope you guys a doing great, talk to you soon ^.^

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Vintage cheerleading top from eBay, American Apparel tennis skirt, Nike AF1 sneakers.

Happy Halloween :-) This year I channelled Torance Shipman, Angela Hayes and Marley Shelton. We spent the evening at a Day of the Dead Hullabaloo, which consisted of lots of skull painted faces, mexican fighting masks, freakin good chimichangas and bubbling Death Punch. And we may have got all free drinks for the night cos our costumes were so good?? aw yea. Who did you guys go as for Hallow's Eve slash what did you get up to?

Also can I just say - WOAH... I hadn't realised how long it's been since I posted??? Over two months. Insane! I feel like I have a pretty decent excuse though, major projects, I'm developing my own clothing label yada yada yada... Talk to you soon :-)

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Vintage GAP skirt and vest set from eBay, Windsor Smith loafers, thrifted beret, Timeco digital clock necklace, Adidas Originals watch, vintage Coach backpack.

Sometimes when I'm writing the text part of a post, I feel like this (I'm Squidward, you guys are Spongebob). This kinda feels like one of those times. If you haven't checked out my updated makeup tutorial on tumblr, click to see! Aaaand since I've been recieving a few questions about music lately, I posted a list of tracks and albums I've been listening to lately here on my tumblr. For those of you who've been asking when I'm posting another video, I'm aiming to have one filmed this month! Hope you guys are doing great, talk to you soon ♡

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American Apparel tennis skirt, custom cropped white sweater, Nike AF1 sneakers, white tiger backpack, Forever New gold chain, Adidas Originals watch.

So basically this is as close as I can get to becoming the princess Jasmine of Sydney, but I still have hopes to find a nice rich man/woman (anybody willing tbh) to provide me with a real and very alive upgrade... A girl can dream But this beheaded version already gets so many stares and requests from strangers to pet it. And he even gets his own seat at cafes! Pretty much completely spoiled like all my cats.

I don't think I've ever had a bigger project/DIY/post requests/activity/watch list than I do currently. I've already ticked a bunch off and have been feeling super productive (e.g. my custom sweater in this post). By now I've finished at least 4 first seasons of current TV shows, seen a handful of movies, and finished watching playthroughs of a few games (I feel that The Last of Us deserves a mention here, it will be the reason I buy a PS4) plus started playing The Walking Dead myself (and next up Assassin's Creed or Bioshock Infinite). Gonna do all the things ᕦ(◕ヮ◕ )ノAlso stay tuned for my updated makeup tutorial that will be posted on my tumblr this week! Talk to you soon ♡

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Calvin Klein Says So

Vintage Calvin Klein corduroy jacket, vintage pleated tartan skirt from Etsy, thrifted beret, 1461 Doc Martens, vintage Coach leather backpack, Adidas Originals watch, rings from eBay, necklace a gift from a friend.

Starting to realise how much I wear vintage and thrifted items nowadays ?? I feel like the best thing about items like these is that [other than clothing you design and make yourself], they are the most unique.

Don't have a ton of news for you guys atm other than that I've started my beginners japanese course (three weeks in so far!) and it's wonderful aaaaaand that school is eating up a lot of my time as usual... A few days ago I saw Spring Breakers - freaking AWESOME. I've officially decided my halloween costume this year is going to be Alien. Tattoos, grills, cornrows, dollar sign hubcaps, some alien decals for my car. I've already started working on it tbh. Talk to you soon ♡

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Styling Inside Transparent Bags

I finally finished it! My video for styling inside transparent bags. This took a surprisingly long time (as it does when you're a hyper-perfectionist like me), but I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it!

P.S. As you may know if you follow me on tumblr/twitter (and as you can tell at the end of this video), I've been sick lately plus super busy with some styling assisting work and on top of that working on some of my own shoots. Basically timing has really sucked lately D': I still have like... a backlog of content though?! So I'll do my best to have it ready and posted more regularly asap !! I just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared or anything hehe. I'm always around on twitter/tumblr/instagram. Hope you are all doing well, see you soon (´◡`)ノ

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American Apparel denim jacket and shorts, Nike Air Force One sneakers, H&M gold chain necklace, Adidas Originals watch, rings from eBay.

Oh my god Sofie actually made a new outfit post... She must be on a break from school. Seriously though, I've been so excited for this mid-semester break because I still have a TON of things I want to do and new posts and videos I want to make (I feel like theres a backlog). Also lately I've become even more of a hyper-perfectionist about my blog content, in fact for the first time I recently scrapped a post because it wasn't up to my standards. Basically, good things take time. So I like to wait til I have the time to make my content the best it can be. OH but I did start my next video yesterday! I'm really excited about it, hopefully I'll be able to finish it next week and have it uploaded really soon. In other news, The Walking Dead season 3 is over, so now I don't know what to do with my life. BUT a friend recommended me another amazing zombie series In the Flesh, about cured zombies assimilating back into the living world. Defs check that out if you haven't. Not sure I have much else to update you guys with... other than that I've been buying way too many things for myself lately... sob. I hope you are all doing wonderfully, see you soon!

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Haul Video

As promised, my second video, my LA London & Sweden Haul Video! As it says in the video description, I really do apologise in advance for my lack of confidence in front of the camera, I'll do my best to improve and make the videos flow better. I had a lot of fun filming and editing this, I really hope you guys enjoy it :) Upcoming videos I have planned include styling for transparent bags, everyday makeup routine, favourites and another haul (or two). Please let me know if you have any requests either here or in the youtube comments!

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Off That

Missguided off-shoulder crop top, American Apparel high waisted cuff shorts, Demonia creepers, silver rings and above-knuckle rings from eBay, passing hands ring by Gala Curios, tattoo chokers and pentagram necklace from eBay, butterfly temporary tattoo from some arcade in the city.

Oh man my collection of crop tops has grown so vast over the Australian summer, but since it's just turned Autumn (and I spent most of my holidays in winter weather) I'm trying to wear them all while I still can !!! It's a hard life. I actually only made this realisation after my huge closet and clothing rack clean-out during the holidays. I replaced all my hangers with new matching ones, and a couple of days ago I re-organised my pegboard (which is where I hang handbags, caps and other accessories). Don't you get so much satisfaction after cleaning out your closet? Not only does it look nice, but it's a great memory refresher on the clothing items you own, and you can dig out pieces you haven't worn in ages. How do you guys like to clean and organise your wardrobes/closets?
Hope you are all doing great! See you soon :)

(p.s. sorry if you now have this song stuck in your head).

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