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As If!

CUE dress, Windsor Smith sandals, heart lock collar from etsy, tattoo bracelet from eBay, cherub ring from Spank!
Nails: American Apparel "Palm Springs"

You know how people often say when commenting on an outfit, that it's successful or looks good because it aims to look like something, whether a period style or a character, without looking "costumey". I totally get that! and it can be true for sure, but if you think about it, replicating famous movie character outfits is no problem to me if the look is wearable, right? I bought this dress because, if you hadn't already guessed by the post title, it reminded me of my idol (tbh) and style inspiration Cher Horowitz (in particular a vague mix between her mint green dress and the red dress). I would happily wear most of her outfits as casual style (perhaps aside from the yellow plaid ensemble just because it's so well known). Anyway, I can't say this outfit is an attempt at a costumey look at all, but I really love this dress so much. I had it taken up a fair bit at the hem and now it's perfect! I'm so excited I finally own more dresses (because lbr I really don't wear them often).

I've been playing Dishonored a ton the past month and I'm completely obsessed! The scenery is insanely beautiful, such as Lady Boyle's party, which is one of my favourite missions (and the official game stills do not do it justice at all). The way the female characters dress is so badass, like the maid uniform and Emily's incredible white ensemble, and it's cool how all the women seem to wear pants and never skirts or dresses.

In less than two weeks I'm heading overseas with my family, we leave on Christmas day *O* Off to LA, England and Sweden! I'm super excited to be visiting all these places again, especially as I haven't been in London since we lived there when I was 2 til 4 years old, which was also the last time I visited my family in Sweden. So now is the time for me to ask you guys... the most important question of course - shopping location recs for London and Sweden?! Or any places you think I'd like, shopping or not. I'd love to hear them all! So please share your expertise ♥

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Hawaiian shirt from Lowes, thrifted quilted pencil skirt from Kinji Harajuku, gold rings and chain necklace from eBay, "Eclipse" nail polish by Topshop.
Not pictured: Nadia clear PVC backpack and Jeffrey Campbell Litas (the latter borrowed from a friend)

Apple crumble cocktails / coconut frozen yoghurt + melted chocolate shot from Wowcow.

My Lindt advent calendar / our birthday gift to our friend: a giant box of asian treats.

Doing something kind of new for this post - using photos from my phone *GASP* no but seriously, it's hard when you have to race home from work, throw on your carefully planned party outfit and head straight out to the event without having time to photograph what you're wearing !! (with your good camera ofc). It was my friend Lucy's ✿tropical✿ themed birthday party on the weekend, which consisted of sipping the amazing apple crumble cocktails on a rooftop beneath fairy lights and palms. Afterwards a group of us grabbed some late night Wowcow froyo, which appropriately had coconut as one of the daily special flavours mmMmmmMmmm. Also I'm actually really loving my hawaiian shirt from Lowes??? I think I'm going to try and incorporate it more into my everyday wardrobe.

Are you guys getting excited since it's now officially ~december~ and you can get in that holiday spirit? We aren't putting up a tree since we're leaving for overseas on christmas day (I will talk more about this in my next post) but we will have one in our hotel room :') any of you have your tree up yet? have you named him/her? Or got up to any other seasonal decorating? If you have any photos I'd love to see them!

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