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Tie Dead

Vintage Grateful Dead tie-dye t-shirt (gifted) from Kinji Harajuku, custom pleated skirt from Lawrara shop, Nadia clear PVC backpack (gifted), platform mary janes and choker from Etsy, socks from Sydney markets, Kreepsville 666 horror hair horns and eyeball ring, tattoo bracelet from eBay, tights from Sportsgirl, bone keyring by Opening Ceremony.

This whole post was pretty much just an excuse to show off my favourite new things at the moment. Firstly, these lovely platform mary janes and collar/choker I snagged on Etsy. Although I've known about it for years, I haven't really been into shopping on Etsy until the past few months? So much wasted time! I've found so many great things on there lately it's ridiculous. These mary janes are srs bsns though, most of the platform is a thick foam but they are SUPER heavy, its awesome, they could do some serious damage. And the heart lock collar has barely left my neck, and it takes a real key to unlock/remove it. The tie-dye t-shirt and backpack are gifts from my friend who visited Japan recently. How sick is the clear Nadia backpack?! I think what I love about clear backpacks is that there are lot of creative things you can do with 'styling' the items you put inside.

The past couple of weeks have also been DIY funtime. I've been really into dyeing lately and the different things you can do with coloured dyes, bleach etc. and researching the best techniques ever since I was sent a pair of Mink Pink Slashers for the Facebook competition going on. I have a wicked 90s-inspired customisation in the works. In fact I just pulled my shorts out of their black dye bath this morning (2nd shot at getting them the blackest I can) and it was a success! The next thing I want to dye are some old white shoelaces of mine pastel hues using food colouring. And I also want to give tye dyeing a shot for myself. And I also want to dye and/or bleach my American Apparel denim jacket... yeah. I think I'm obsessed.
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Rib Bones

Topshop sweater, thrifted shorts from Kinji Harajuku, backpack from somewhere on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, Katie (the store) keyring, Tutuanna socks, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, Kreepsville 666 bone hair clips, Spank! cherub ring, tattoo choker+bracelet and pentagram necklace from eBay.    

After being on a bit of a 90s movie watching rampage over the past month or so I was inspired to buy a couple of new chokers to add to my collection. And after visiting Japan I still have even more mint green to add to my ever-expanding mint collection... I feel like I should do one look featuring every item of minty fresh clothing I own? I just need to dye my hair pale green, or I guess I'll just borrow my friend's mint green wig. Done!

I've found myself watching a ton of My Strange Addition on youtube these holidays. I will be forever amazed at how long a person can stay alive drinking multiple bottles of nail polish day, chugging gasoline like lemonade, or eating various plastics more than regular food?! The most memorable Strange Addiction for me will always be one of the most famous ones; the woman who is eating her husband. Any of you guys watch this show and have any particular addictions that creeped you out the most?

One last thing, Purity Ring have released the surreal and beautiful music video for Fineshrine, one of my most favourite songs off the Shrines album. Personally I found the video suited the song very well, which for me is quite a rare thing indeed.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 



Vintage Wrangler denim vest from Chicago Thrift Store Harajuku, Jeremy Scott x Adidas t-shirt, One Teaspoon "Bonita" shorts, Giza x New Era NY cap from GR8 Japan, socks from Pop Star Shibuya, Demonia creepers, Lactose Intoler-Art necklace, various thrifted pins.    

I guess I'd consider this one of my more Zipper/Seto Ayumi inspired looks? After going to Japan and visiting SPINN's it really made me realise how the whole Zipper girl style is such a big thing in Harajuku and a ton of girls on the streets are dressed those trends, it's pretty sick. And I'm also quite in love with this Giza (Mademoiselle Yulia's brand) x New Era cap I picked up from GR8 Japan in La Foret. When I went to Japan I had decided I would leave with a New Era cap, and I did! The guy in the store was so hilarious and super keen though, he kept running around and bringing me things he thought I would like. My nail art (below) as I posted here a few days ago is vaguely Nadia inspired! Drawing basic symbols and shapes precisely is super tricky but really fun. Nadia should consider branching out from skin tattoos to nail tattoos.

Also, yesterday I bumped into one of my readers, Anna! Check out our photo THE MILK CLUB fb page here. It's the first time anyone has approached me after recognising me from my blog photos, so it was a super cool and new experience for me. Thank you Anna! It was a pleasure to meet you :)