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Back to School

Jeremy Scott x Adidas t-shirt, vintage denim shirt, Oneteaspoon "Bonitas" shorts, Burger and Friends backpack, Demonia creepers, Gala Curios necklace, 22DesignStudio Concrete Ring, gifted & vintage buttons, Sportsgirl frill socks.

The holidays have come to an end (  ゚, _ゝ゚) However it's been wonderful to see all my classmates again and catch up with them this week! Oh and does my necklace look familiar? It was a gift from my parents for my birthday to go with my ring version which you can see here. I've also had fun sporting my Value Meal backpack out and about for the first time~


New Beauty Products

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Blush in 7 (Apricot) - A birthday gift and a product I've always wanted because of my obsession with orange coloured/orangey cosmetics. The packaging and container is beautiful and so satisfying to use. It has a gorgeous colour, not too bright or overpowering, with a hint of sparkle and when blended with my pink blush it creates a lovely peachy tint on my cheeks. The only tiny issue is that sometimes when applying it direct from the puff, it applies in a ring because the powder settles along the edge (?) So you must be careful how you angle the puff on your cheek. This is now by far one of my favourite beauty products, I just adore it.

MISSHA All-Around Safe Block SPF 50+ Waterproof Sun - My current favourite facial sunscreen,   which I've been using for about a year and a half. I've tried the SPF 40+ version as well, which definitely has easier application because it's a lot less thick. However, if you're going to protect your face from sun damage, you may as well go the whole way! So my past two tubes (incl the above) have been the 50+. Despite the thickness, it's very quick to learn the best way to apply, and it works super well as a base for my makeup. They also changed the packaging slightly, now with a dainty silver cap instead of a matte purple one~~



PAM t-shirt, Oneteaspoon "Bonitas" shorts, cherub/angel socks, Lactose Intolerart Manitas necklace, mint Doc Martens 1461 shoes, Tarina Tarantino ring, charm bracelet from Disneyworld, gifted pastel beaded bracelet.

It's been too long since my last outfit post (≧o≦) The passed couple of weeks suddenly became busy with styling assisting work, seeing friends, movies, and organising my trip to Japan in May (!!!) which I am insanely excited about~ I'm also now trying to save for Japan, which is already proving to be very difficult (see my new Bonitas above T__T), BUT I've decided I will only buy things I really need or lack in my wardrobe... we'll see how that works out.



I'm already a fan of Diesel's fragrances as I find them to be incredibly modern. Loverdose initially reminded me a lot of Thierry Mugler's Alien, another fragrance I've wanted for a while now, but for me, Loverdose is a little more likeable and wearable. It even reminds me of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, my previous fragrance (well, nearing the end of the bottle) except less intense. and the bottle... as soon as I saw it I was attached because it looks like the jewel heart from Mumfie *:・゚✧


Cara & Co

Fish united

Smoke a crab cigar

Nothing is lost

Flower child risotto

Beef story (part II)

Smurf's and violets

In rhubarb we trust

The beauty of rose

Nutty lemon

Recently we had my birthday dinner at a restaurant I've wanted to visit for a while called Cara & Co, which is located inside the concept store of the same name in Westfield Sydney CBD! It was flawless and the food and plating was amazing ; _____ ; The dishes I ordered were Caesar in disguise (not pictured; green gazpacho, glazed chicken oyster, parmesan crisp, mustard ice cream, lettuce hearts, anchovies), Nothing is lost (preparations of venison, cherries, cauliflower, black olive, dark chocolate) and Smurf's and violets (belgian chocolate, strawberry, violet). The descriptions I've given were exactly as on the menu and kept very minimal, then after our orders were served, our waiter (who looked so much like Matt Smith??) would explain each part of our dishes in detail. I think the most beautiful looking dishes for me were Fish united and Nutty lemon! They both look like something from under the sea~


Kittens & Crosses

Tote and tights by Pulp Kitchen (xmas gifted from Hayley), The Mountain kittens t-shirt, Nu Naan platforms. 

Another demon kitty to add to my collection, and another pair of  printed tights to add to my collection~


Stud Muffin

It took me long enough, but I finally got around to it; studding my AA backpack. It's been pouring non-stop for the passed few days here in Sydney, so it was a perfect rainy day activity (︶ヮ︶) These push in pyramid studs were super easy to use, but the screw-in spike studs were a little more intimidating, and I'm not sure where to place them (any ideas?) or whether to use them on this backpack at all. Hmmmm!


Baby Blue Jean

American Apparel denim jacket and socks, The Mountain Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, Sretsis skirt, Demonia creepersKreepsville 666 eyeball bow hair clip, SEE glasses, Disneyland Jack Sparrow emerald ring, Gala Curios "Passing Ring", Munny zipper pulls, Lactose Intoler-Art Manitas necklace, second emerald ring, Boy George pin and Councillor pin all vintage.

Exactly one more month left of Summer and I'm getting in the mood for Autumn clothing Picked up this denim jacket from the men's section of American Apparel along with the Smoke Dazzle polish from the their new Metallic range. When I tilt my fingers the colour changes from pinky-purple to blue-green and it looks amazing in bright sunlight.

and my new favourite necklace (gifted from Hayley) by Lactose Intoler-Art features Manitas from Nadia in Harajuku, Tokyo; one of my favourite street style icons who I recognised immediately when I saw the pendant!