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What kind of bird are you?

Nadia t-shirt, vest from Candy in Shibuya, Sretsis unicorn skirt, spiked cap from Romwe, Kreepsville 666 eyeball ring, Tutuanna socks, Nike Air Force One sneakers, Spank! cherub ring, pentagram necklace, tattoo bracelet and tattoo choker from eBay, Barbie head pin self-made. 

It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long! But I've finally emerged from a few hellish weeks of school assessments and I'm now free (for a while). I've come to realise that when I'm not able to update my blog as I do every week, I feel like I'm not completely myself.

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen how I'm totally in love with this new badass spiked cap that arrived for me recently ♡ it's pretty damn heavy too! and the reflective part on the brim doubles nicely as a mirror. and the spikes double nicely as a weapon :-)

On Friday I saw Moonrise Kingdom (finally) and although it's still not one of my favourite Wes Anderson films, I found it really sweet, funny and VERY pretty. I'm also such a huge fan of Wes' use of typography, the opening and ending credits were really amazing! and on Monday I saw a movie called "Bait", which is about a group of people who find themselves trapped along with two great white sharks in a flooded supermarket after a tsunami hits.... ... .....  ......... ... yeah... Probably funniest movie I've seen this month though.
Have you guys seen any good films lately? Any recommendations for ones that are currently in cinemas? :-)