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☆ Tamagotchi Time ☆

My wonderful little original 1997 Tamagotchi from eBay shipped direct from Japan ♥ It even gave with bonus original stickers *__* I haven't played with a tamagotchi since the 90s!

I played with him, fed him and gave him medicine if he was sick, we had great times together,

until I left him at home for two days

after the first day it grew a tentacle...

and on the second day I came home to this:

R.I.P. my first little tama baby, you lasted almost 6 days :'(

I vowed to become a better mother. My 2nd tama baby is going strong! So far I've never left her (she's a girl this time) at home and she's only been sick once. Wish me luck!

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  1. When i was little, i had a Tama too and when it died i was crying a whole week, because I was so little and didn't understand what was going on.

  2. So cute!! I never had tamagotchi when I was a kid, so right nau I cherish every moment w/ Gogu (from Kawaii Pet Megu app )

  3. I absolutely adore Tamagotchi's! I always played with them when I was 7 and when I was running around at Sydney Harbour it fell into the ocean! Just felt compelled to tell that story.

  4. Wooo! Tamagotchi!
    Its pretty neat you can still find an old version, hopefully you keep going and hope it lasts longer.

  5. Omg, Tamagotchi's are sooo difficult to raise! I had one and it would just die so quickly. They're a lot of work. Good luck!

  6. I miss Tamagotchi's! So cool you got an original, I remember playing with these while I was growing up. Cute pictures and story :)

    xx lauren

  7. I LOVE THEM! I never found any here .-.

  8. I have one when I was in elementary. My Tamagotchi died also. Good for you, you can still find this amazing things until now. =)

  9. I used to collect Tamagotchis! I had like 4 growing at the same time. Good luck with yours!

  10. Omg Tamagotchi!! I remember having one in 5/6th grade and trying to be all sneaky about feeding my Tama babies during class... Good luck with yours! x

  11. awwwh I miss mine so much! definitely need a new one :-} x x x

  12. oh no! D: I hope your new tama baby is staying happy and healthy~

    It's so amazing to revisit nostalgic childhood loves~ I've recently begun playing old Pokemon games again (Yellow~ >v<) and it's amazing how the technology has progressed. no running shoes... щ(ಥДಥщ)


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