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Long x Boy London chain t-shirt, Yaponskii spiked shorts from Monomania, Choco Moo x MAM AVANTGARDE tights, mary janes from etsy, tattoo choker/bracelet and pentagram choker from eBay, eyeball ring by Kreepsville 666. 

I luv wearing MAM AVANTGARDE tights because I always receive a lot of compliments on them ♡ They really are the best brand of legware, I can't imagine anywhere that has more unique designs.

This is going to be a really boring post in terms of text, I don't have a ton of news? Except that I'm back at school now, which I'm a bit sad about since I had such a wonderful and productive break. Last night I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises! Holy freak it was amazing *___* so glad I decided to see it in IMAX even though I had to book almost 2 weeks advance to get decent seats. I'm definitely biased, but my favourite part was seeing Crane/Scarecrow/Cillian Murphy make a comeback as the judge! Hells yeah. Death by exile!

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  1. the tights are so amazing *__*
    i like the top and the shoes so much ♥♥♥
    have a nice day :)

  2. I just bought this shirt recently hehe
    You look brilliant as always!!

  3. Amazing outfit as usual! I'm dying to get a pair of those tights but the price kill me D:

  4. I love your tights! I really want a tattoo choker too, they seem so expensive on ebay though! x

  5. Love the shirt!

    xx Klaudia

  6. I loved the new batman movie.. and haaa, I love the part with Cillian Murphy, that exact same quote you mentioned, so funny xD Oh and errm, perfectly composed outfit, as always. You style genius.

    Oh and I haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises! I really should huh. xx

  8. I love the way you styled the outfit~ ;v; <3 /steals your shorts and runs away/

  9. Every time I see your tights I die a little inside

    Agree, seeing it in IMAX was totally worth it. They way he says DEATH. BY EXILE was super cool!

    OMG *instant follow*
    I'm riverines, it's an empty account so please don't block me :3


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