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4 Back to School Looks

As requested on my tumblr, here are a few back-to-school (or college, uni etc) looks I put together! I also utilised some of my fashion flat-lay skills I've learned! I've always wanted to do a "back to school" look post or something similar (even though here in Australia it's technically not back-to-school season lol...), and it was fun putting it together! If you ever have a request, you can always put it in the comment section below or shoot me an ask message on my tumblr. Now I'll give a brief description/talk through of the looks I selected :)

Look 1: Nadia cat print t-shirt, American Apparel denim jacket, custom pleated skirt from Lawrara shop, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, Tutuanna frill socks, Nadia clear PVC backpack, Monomania spiked collar, Kreepsville 666 bone hair clips and eyeball ring, 6% Doki Doki "Revolution" pin and gifted crown pin.

I'm really into t-shirts with my pleated skirt at the moment, particularly untucked, so the bottom of the skirt just peaks out from underneath the shirt, however it also works well tucked in too! I think a really basic black pleated skirt can be worn in many ways and never really goes out of style. It's definitely one of my personal staples.

Look 2: Long x Boy London chain t-shirt, Choco Moo x MAM AVANTGARDE Luv Hate tights, Demonia white creepers, Supre bike shorts, Kreepsville 666 skeleton hand hair clips, horror hair horns and eyeball ring, Monomania spiked choker.

An oversized dark-coloured t-shirt would also be a staple for me. It doubles as a t-shirt and a dress! And I think it's just such an easy outfit for school, you can just toss on the t-shirt and a pair of tights and you're good to go. It's essential to add the bike shorts as the shirt will ride up if you're wearing a backpack, and it could move around while getting on/off public transport. And the bike shorts goes for any short dresses or skirts too, it just adds that kind of "insurance", especially in windy weather.

Look 3: Topshop mint sweater, vintage Levi's denim jacket, thrifted Levi's shorts, Demonia creepers, Sportsgirl frill socks, no-brand pastel backpack from Harajuku with Katie key-ring, Kreepsville 666 eyeball bow hair clips, pentagram necklace and tattoo choker from eBay, Cherub ring from Spank!, charm bracelet from Disneyworld.

You've probably noticed by now that these looks are similar to the kind of outfits I've blogged before, but pretty much all of those outfits I've worn myself! Something like this could be worn with or without the jacket, and additional layers can be worn for cooler weather such as a long-sleeved top under the sweater or a pair of tights (and this definitely goes for all of the looks in this post). I think pastels look really nice with black, like mint and black reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Look 4: GAP oatmeal coloured sweater (borrowed from dad), thrifted denim vest, Ksubi cutoff shorts, secondhand Nike sneakers, American Apparel backpack, no-brander striped socks from Shibuya, Giza x New Era cap, Monomania spiked choker, Lactose Intoler-Art necklace, Kreepsville 666 horror hair horns (an alternative to wearing the hat), Fourskin Singapore diamond shaped ring, tattoo bracelet from eBay.

The most kind of "sporty" and laid-back look of all 4 I'd say. This is also one of my lazy outfits I wear when I want to sleep-in. Denim vests are so great for adding something more to an outfit (and they're really warm too) and you can stick a bunch of pins and brooches on them. They also sort of add pockets to your sweater? I usually go crazy without pockets while I'm at school. I like to have my bus pass or phone or tamagotchi handy.

I hope this post was inspiring and/or helpful for those of you heading back to school. Also check out another recently requested post, my personal make-up tutorial.

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  1. Cute outfits, I especially love the second one! <3

  2. from where is the cat shirt? where can i get it :D

  3. They all look like great outfit ideas - especially the first and second for me ;v; <3 I just need to find a decent oversized T-shirt...any recommendations? o:

    I have pretty sloped shoulders though, so oversized T-shirts tend to create huge sleeve flaps for me and makes me look a little strange...I wonder if there are T-shirts with structured sleeves XD

  4. they're all so pretty but I especially love the first one!

  5. Love the first outfit most :3 that cat t-shirt is just too darn cute! ^_^

  6. All the outfits are awesome, but I expected no less from you :) So many backpacks, I love backpacks!! Especially that clear one, so great :D

  7. oh my god i love all of these especially the last one

  8. omg so obsessed with all the cute backpacks here, great options!

  9. Hey, I really want to ask you something:in my school we have to wear a white t-shirt, and the skirt must be long.What can I wear? :D hugs from Romania

    1. hello :) ohh i would say a long pleated skirt with a thick belt, high waisted, with the t-shirt tucked in and mary janes or chunky black shoes with white socks for a bit of a 90s look. other ideas would be a sheer foot length black skirt (with full length lining) with your white shirt tucked in, or a high-waisted long pencil skirt (as long as it needs to be) with your shirt tucked in! if you can choose any colour skirt, something pastel would be nice, like a mint green skirt with a white t-shirt and a black belt. i'm not sure how relaxed your dress code is but i hope this helps ^^

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog and I immediately fell in love. Your style is so AWESOME and impeccable! I love you first look. And the second. And basically every one, but the first one is my favourite. I'm planning a DIY for a cat tee like yours for weeks, actually, but I never found the time! And I also love your shoes - they are AWESOME. ABSOLUTELY. And the way you are customizing your jackets and vests and backpacks! You rule.

    Are you a rookie, I mean, a reader of I think you would like that...

    I am definitely following, and it would be great if you just take a look at my blog!

    PS: I just recognized that there are dinosaurs on that cap. DINOSAURS. WAAAAAAAAH! :))

  11. I love the outfits! Do you know where I could find cool beanies with like japanese on it?

  12. I just wanted to mention that I went to Tokyo last month and your guide was a HUGE help!! I am wearing the Mam Avantgarde gun tights as I type this :) SO thanks!!


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