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Vintage navy Sailor Shirt from local markets, Rittenhouse shorts, Derby Millinery suspenders, custom pleated skirt from Lawrara Shop, Demonia creepers.

Since I leave for Tokyo, Japan in a about one week, I imagine this will be my last outfit post until then. Coincidentally in fitting with this, I've sort of unintentionally created my own variation of the seifuku (制服) / sailor uniform with this amazing authentic sailor shirt I picked up for $10 at some local markets. I haven't had this much thrifting luck in a long time! I even checked out where the shirt originated, and as embroidered on the right-hand sleeve it's from the U.S.S. Caron (check this and this out). I have about a million things to get done before I jet off next week, so crunch time has officially begun!

In case I don't see you on here until I'm in Japan, be sure to follow me on tumblr and twitter - especially twitter! I'll be flying by myself on the way to Tokyo before I meet up with my travel buddies, so I'll need some company on my journey over (^▽^*)


So... you like stuff?

1. An authentic vintage army jumper I found at local markets for $5 (will be using it for an upcoming photo shoot) 
2. My backstage pass for fashion week 
3. Super freakin adorable cat notepads
4. Some goodies from Miracle.

New outfit post coming soon!