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Adriano Zumbo Dessert Train


I've been dying to visit Adriano Zumbo's Dessert Train at The Star Sydney ever since it opened, and now I've finally ticked it off my bucket list (─▽─) It really is exactly like a sushi train (a.k.a. conveyer belt sushi) except with small servings of Zumbo's unique and bizarre desserts instead of Japanese cuisine. Although funnily enough I spotted a couple of girls leaving the train after mistaking it for a place where they could find the latter. We attended during Happy Hour so all plates were $4! My favourite was the "Violet Crunchie" (pictured above with the chunk of honeycomb on top) and it's exactly as it sounds, a dessert flavoured exactly like Violet Crumble and Crunchie combined *drools*. After devouring enough sweet delicacies to form a sizeable stack of pink and chocolate coloured plates, we stopped by The Star's convenience store because it has an enormous variety of international chocolate and lollies. The goodies I picked up were the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the Butterfinger and the mint chocolate chip Cookie Dough bites mmmmmmmm.




Target (USA) Mickey Mouse jumper, Jervoise Diffusion denim shorts, New Era L.A. cap (borrowed from sister), Doc Martens Mint QQ Pearl 1461 shoes, Taratata Bijoux camera ring, American Apparel backpack, SEE eyewear.

Last day of the easter break today (  ゚,_ゝ゚) But I think it was welt spent watching Game of Thrones, eating sushi and working on my new online portfolio (!!!) which I've been building on Cargo Collective. I was especially motivated to get in finished since Fashion Week is coming up, and I might be going backstage at a couple of shows if I'm not too busy with uni, so I'm pretty excited about that. Oh and I finally downloaded what is now my new favourite tool for procrastination, CandyBar! I've been having lots of fun customising various dock icons on my macbook, my favourites are definitely my Moleskine for Microsoft Word and my white Monster Beats headphones for iTunes. What do you think?



Harajuku jumper, Ksubi shorts, Ashi Dashi socks, Demonia Creepers, Lactose Intolerart Manitas necklace.

Remember this jumper? I don't think I've featured it in an outfit post for almost two years!
I hope that everyone had a great Easter break and received lots of chocolate, I myself enjoyed a ton including a sweet bilby or two. And above is my new suitcase for Japan! It seems crazy it's taken this long to finally get the four-wheel kind (well technically 8 wheels for my model). It's super light and so fun to push and spin around.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon at the Sydney Royal Easter show (see photos below) and my favourite part this year was definitely the Rock & Roll Milk Bar, which was like a popup diner. I've never seen it before so I'm assuming it's a new addition to the show, complete with Dukebox, tiled floor, neon lights and even actors dressed in 50s style getup wandering the space.


Candy Candy

Edit: the rainbow is not photoshopped, it's sunlight!

Now that I'm finished with the first half of the semester (*exhales*) I thought I'd do a quick update of some random photos from my life the passed couple of weeks. And it's OFFICIALLY EASTER hooray!! I'm already away ahead though, I've been eating Cadbury eggs and chocolate coins since Tuesday. I hope you all enjoy your easter festivities (⌒◡⌒) and in the spirit of chocolate I will leave you with Kyary's Candy Candy.