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Long x Boy London t-shirt, custom pleated skirt, Demonia Creepers, Derby Millinery suspender belt, 22DesignStudio concrete ring, Gala Curios rings.

If I could have worn suspenders with my school uniform, I probably would have!

The first half of the semester is already nearing the end its so weird!! It's like the passed three weeks never happened. I'm really excited for the Easter break coming up, I think I might go all out this year and organise a giant egg hunt. Do you guys have any cool plans for Easter?

Also had Marina and the Diamonds' "Primadonna Girl" on repeat since it was released. I absolutely adore the pastelly 50s~60s inspired video and noticed that her pale pink black-outlined nails are exactly like this design I painted a couple of weeks ago! Pretty sick.


  1. I loooove this outfit. I freaking adore the pleated skirt, probably because I have a similar one, and I love suspenders too. Too bad I get soo much shit for wearing them, it's annoying. The style of Marina's new video is lovely.

  2. I swear this is how I'd dress if I was a girl
    All my friends know it haha

  3. The suspenders look super trendy! Really cool, also I'm interested to know about these Colour bugs, so if you do get them, could you do a bit of a review? :O


  5. I love it sooo much, I think I'm gonna just set those as my wallpaper omg ~

  6. i love the suspenders, im currently in the progress of making some, i lve the skirt too :)

  7. i love it how you combined this sophisticated outfit with those more naughty suspenders! great!!

  8. this outfit looks so good! all black with a little twist is the way to go. i've been trying to find suspenders similar to yours for a while but haven't been able to find any decent ones yet.

  9. This is super cute! :D

  10. Awesome outfit Sofie! As always :D I love the BOY top tucked into the skirt, i'm currently wearing my white BOY top yet i dont think tucking it into my shorts would be that flattering :') eh eh

    I also now realise that i mentioned Marina and the diamonds in my latest post too :'D Primadonna is the best ever!
    If i ever went to Australia or if you ever came to the UK i think we'd need to hang out ^__^ !

  11. Aaaaah~ I love love love this outfit~ That pleated skirt is so cute! Your whole outfit is cute! ヽ(°◇° )ノ

  12. Lovely outfit!
    I wish I could be hunting for eggs this Easter too, but my family don't plan this since me and my brother aren't kids anymore :/

    Hugs ~

  13. Yesss for Marina, I'm a massive fan of hers! And that's a stunning outfit- quirky and cute yet still sophisticated and very stylish! (Also, a little irrelevant, but you have beautiful hair!) xx

  14. Haha I think I would have gotten thrown out of school had I dared worn suspenders ;) Love the creepers though, happy Easter! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  15. This is definitly my favourite blog ever.
    You have such a awesome style!
    I'm certainly a fan of yours!




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