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Long x Boy London t-shirt, custom pleated skirt, Demonia Creepers, Derby Millinery suspender belt, 22DesignStudio concrete ring, Gala Curios rings.

If I could have worn suspenders with my school uniform, I probably would have!

The first half of the semester is already nearing the end its so weird!! It's like the passed three weeks never happened. I'm really excited for the Easter break coming up, I think I might go all out this year and organise a giant egg hunt. Do you guys have any cool plans for Easter?

Also had Marina and the Diamonds' "Primadonna Girl" on repeat since it was released. I absolutely adore the pastelly 50s~60s inspired video and noticed that her pale pink black-outlined nails are exactly like this design I painted a couple of weeks ago! Pretty sick.


AA Polish Collection

Peacock, Malibu Green, Poppy, Mac Arthur Park, Trenchcoat, Butter, Dance, Palm Springs, Rouge, Office, L'Esprit, Factory Grey, Echo Park, Hassid, Smoke Dazzle.

My updated American Apparel Nail Polish collection! (But not all of them are my own, my mum picked up about 6 of those the other day, but what's hers is practically mine ¬ ‿ ¬) As I've said countless times before, AA is by far my favourite nail polish brand for the colour, the consistency and how it dries super fast. I'm really excited to try out Dance and Factory Grey!

Oh and guess what!! I got a new laptop! It's super cute and fits right in my pocket~



Alpha60 dog sweater, Cheap Monday Tight Vertica jeans, Doc Martens Mint QQ Pearl 1461 shoes.

It's finally started getting colder! Which is really nice. But it's not so much the temperature I notice, it's the smell that defines the seasons the most for me. Now that it's cooled down, I finally had the opportunity to sport my new Cheap Monday jeans I received for christmas~ So many people ask to touch the print on them, it's quite amusing. Tomorrow night I'm going to a Gorillaz x Converse collab party~ Might be posting some photos from that in a couple of days!