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Moleskine Planner

F i n a l l y. I have my brand new 2012 Moleskine planner in my hands. I spent forever (literally) running around visiting pretty much every Moleskine stockist in the city CBD and was completely unsuccessful... but I shouldn't have been surprised they were sold out mid January! But I ordered this last Friday afternoon and it arrived the following Monday morning *O* hooray! One of my resolutions is that I will USE my planner every day this year, rather than have months empty like in last year's >_<
What sorts of things do you use to plan your weeks?

And now I will leave  you with some photos from dinner at The Star~ Bistro 80 then a visit to the new(ish) Adriano Zumbo patisserie.


  1. i use my brain to plan my life. Literally, everytime I try to use a diary, it just fails. I don't need to write lists or anything to remember what I have/want to do. I guess I'm kind of lucky like that. Btw, the food looks sooooo good!

  2. I need to get more organised , I may follow your lead . Can I ask, are your mint shoe Dr martens comfortable ? Xx

  3. I got my Moleskine diary this year from Larry Post too! I think I actually shrieked with joy when seeing the Peanuts x Moleskine collab haha.

  4. I also got this diary! Mine is already FULL of stickers, haha. And seriously, I should have some restriction to view photos including food on your blog after midnight - it makes me grab all the snacks in the whole house, as it always looks delicious!

  5. Dude, I was runnig around the CBD yesterday looking for a 2012 daily moleskine diary! I know what you mean, I'm currently empty handed... I should have ordered last year, but looks like I'll be ordering now. And won't be able to get some use of it until late January/Early February.

  6. FINALLY. I feel like I've been scouring the planet to find blogs with similar style as me and I see burgers and creepers and japanese candy. I must follow you right now. Your style is perfect. :3

  7. Yummy burger and fries. =)


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