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Daydream Believer

I've spent all last week cleaning and reorganising my bedroom, and above are the beginnings of my redecorating process. These posters are pull-outs from Helmet magazine that my lovely friend Vanessa gave me a while ago : ) The walls of my previous bedroom were a colourful collage of images (which you might be able to remember if you've been following me for a loooong time) but I think from now on I'm going to try out a more minimalist style.



P.A.M. t-shirt, Rittenhouse shorts, Demonia Creepers, sister's hat, choker from online.

When's a better time to dress in all-black than in summer? (¬‿¬) But I must say I've grown a liking to this outfit and variations of it. I haven't worn my black thigh highs out and about for a few months so it's nice to have rediscovered my love for them.

In other news, today was a bit of a food day, I had onigiri for lunch then after seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie, my sister and I explored the nearby asian supermarket and found lots of wonderful goodies. I very much recommend you to try these peach flavoured chewy lollies, my best friend put me onto them and they are truly amazing, I've already eaten half the packet while working on this post!


Moleskine Planner

F i n a l l y. I have my brand new 2012 Moleskine planner in my hands. I spent forever (literally) running around visiting pretty much every Moleskine stockist in the city CBD and was completely unsuccessful... but I shouldn't have been surprised they were sold out mid January! But I ordered this last Friday afternoon and it arrived the following Monday morning *O* hooray! One of my resolutions is that I will USE my planner every day this year, rather than have months empty like in last year's >_<
What sorts of things do you use to plan your weeks?

And now I will leave  you with some photos from dinner at The Star~ Bistro 80 then a visit to the new(ish) Adriano Zumbo patisserie.


Caring for Creepers

I've been getting a ton of questions on my tumblr about creepers lately, including wearing them in, caring for them, sizing etc. and as there's not that much info out there on the topic, I thought I'd make this little personal guide. I'm no expert, but I hope this provides some help! : )

Click here to check out the same black creepers as mine! and click here for the white ones.

Wearing in Creepers *:・゚✧
Here are my first pair of black suede Demonia creepers. After 6 months wear, they now feel like sneakers and are pretty damn worn in. When these were new, they were super stiff, felt awkward to walk in, and I had bruising on my feet where the top of the tongue is, near where the bow on the laces is tied. The heels also rubbed slightly and I had a bit of blistering on my pinky toes. This took almost a week to be completely gone and for the awkward feeling to disappear. Once everything's softened, including the sole (which makes it a bit bendier so you can walk more normally), they're completely comfy.

As for my white leather Demonia creepers, they were SO. FREAKING. PAINFUL. I had blistering and the bruising on the top of my foot was so bad that I winced every time I took a step. However, I suffered through the pain and wore them to uni/out and about for roughly a 4-5 days, then the pain vanished.

Tips for Breaking Them In
  • Wear bandaids or medical fabric tape on all pressure points BEFORE beginning to break them in to prevent possible blistering or chafing 
  • Wear the thickest socks that you can
  • The top of the tongue area is the hardest to protect, but layers of bandaids or any kind of padding will make it slightly less painful
  • Suffer through the pain, it only lasts for a few days and no longer than a week!

This is where my suedes have worn in the most, right on the inner heel. If I don't wear socks with a fair thickness to them, the peeling fabric is quite uncomfortable. This will likely be the reason for when I must ceremoniously burn this pair and adopt a new one.

More wearing in on the lace area that's pretty much unavoidable, but completely unnoticeable when they're laced up.

The inevitable wearing on the piping along the top; for some reason it's SO delicate. It's pretty much the best way to determine how old somebody's creepers are. I'm looking into finding some kind of glue or gloss that can can stop it being damaged so easily in the first place. Has anyone ever tried it?

Creeper Care*:・゚✧
A few items I've used to my personal creeper protection and maintenance:
  • Water & Stain protector spray for suede shoes (picked this up from a key cutter/shoe repair store)
  • Gentle alcohol-free facial cleansing wipes
  • Black Sharpie
I recommend applying suede protector to your creepers so you'll feel a bit safer wearing them on rainy days. For my pair, I used about two coats, waiting for the first coat to dry before spraying the next, and after testing it under a dripping tap I found the water rolled right off.

I find some of the most obvious wear on my white leather creepers is around the ankle-heel area, especially these grey scratches.

Using the facial cloth, this wear can easily be removed at the end of the day that you wear them~ voila! For the really tough scratches, use your fingernail under the layered cloth.

The Sharpie or any black permanent marker can be used to fix the wear on the piping. I personally don't use this technique much anymore, because it's not the most effective way of covering the scratches as you can see, but it's a good quick fix and not visible unless you look closely.

Sizing/Fit Tips *:・゚✧
  • Always use the brand's provided foot measurement size chart if they have one. Buy to fit the absolute closest match to your foot in terms of centimetres. 
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY - I almost bought a size too big, as I suspected buying one size up would be better for my foot length (this is not the case, see the above tip). Try and find stockists for your brand of creepers near where you live, or if it's not possible, do as much research as you can before you order online.
  • The fit of creepers is peculiar, they feel different to any other kind of shoe because the sole is so stiff it doesn't bend with your foot. After one week of wear this feeling will be gone and your creepers should feel like regular shoes.
That about concludes my post on creeper care!
Click here to check out the same black creepers as mine! and click here for the white ones.

  • You can mend and/or reattach the sole of a creeper with thick heavy-duty glue from your hardware store. Even bring in your creepers to the store and ask the staff which glue would be suitable.
  • I do not know which brand of creepers is best, I have only ever owned Demonia brand and they lasted me well for everyday wear for over a year - nothing broke!
  • I do not know what the sizing is like for any other brands of creepers.
  • Demonia brand is great for narrow and slender feet.
Any questions I receive that are already answered as above will be ignored. 


New Blog

Come check out my new tumblr, The Daily Milk. I'll be posting one photo from my life every day of 2012 *:・゚✧

Also right now I'm at Kangaroo Island! I'll be here for the rest of the week.
I hope everyone's enjoying their 2012 so far : )