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American Apparel Backpack


American Apparel denim backpack, vintage and gift buttons, studs from Angry Young and Poor.

Super excited about this backpack. I've needed a nice one for a while now for carrying all my things for uni like my laptop, and also for Parklife in October/other concerts this year. When I first laid eyes on this backpack hanging on the wall of the AA basement level, it just screamed to be customized. I want to dye it and put my new studs all over it... but I feel really hesitant because I'm a perfectionist and I want to get the design right. It's also my first time using screw studs.

If anyone has any tips for using studs or even ideas on how I could customize this backpack, I'd really love to here them ´▽`


Bunny Hologram Nails


Aren't they cute? Thanks to my friend Ellen who is a nail genius. The base coat is blue Hologram polish from The Make Up Store, as you can see in the GIF above I tried to capture it's trippiness in direct sunlight and also under flash. I've never seen Hologram polish in person until yesterday. And I've wanted to try bunnies on my nails ever since seeing this.

It's been quite a while since my last post. I always want to take nice photos in my room, but when I get home from uni around 4:30-5:30pm, all the good lighting is gone because it's still winter... and because I'm so fussy, I always put it off /sigh. Also been quite busy working on two uni projects at once, both styling for photoshoots. My first shoot is going to be slightly Wednesday Addams inspired! I'm really excited about it. Anyway - I have a few cool posts planned that will be coming up shortly ^_~

Also thank you to Victoria for mentioning me on Ellevictoire! I was so excited to see my GIFS in her post and thankful for new followers I've gained. Welcome! I can't wait to check out all your blogs, and I really hope you enjoy my posts : )


Flat Platforms



They're a little bit Tokyo Bopper esque, don't you think? And they're so comfortable :')
I'm in luv.


Eyeball Bows

Vintage denim shirt, Adidas x Jeremy Scott t-shirt, Kreepsville 666 hairclips, buttons from everywhere.

Taratata Bijoux camera ring, diamond ring from Four Skin Singapore, skull ring by Tarina Tarantino.

My Kreepsville 666 eyeball bow haiclips arrived a few days ago and I've been wearing them non-stop. I find the clip rather than the hair elastic is more versatile as you can easily attach it to plaits/ponytais etc. and also clip it flat to your head. I'm already planning to get all the colours so I can mix-and-match, and also have two on either plait and two clipped onto the back of my head to freak people out ⊙‿‿⊙


American Apparel Nail Polish

This post title is dedicated to AA nail polish and how amazing it is. I don't know what's in their magical formula (I think it's unicorn tears or something) but I've never had polish that applies so smoothly, requires such few coats, and lasts well. I sound like an ad but seriously, if you're into nails, you need it in your life. However the only thing about it that sucks is that they don't have enough colours T___T I picked up the 'Peacock' shade along with some new socks (!!) from AA during my break at uni today, the Sally Hanson strips and OPI Black Shatter are a gift from my sister (I'm really excited to try them both out for the first time), and the September issue of Vogue Australia. Oh and thanks to my mum for the french Taratata Bijoux oversized camera ring : )

I'm back at uni now \o/ the six week break has ended. Also, thanks to my amazing and talented friend slash creative partner Vanessa, I've become assistant stylist to Hayley from Fashion Hayley and having a lot of fun! So far we've worked on a cover shoot for Fashion Journal and I've already learned so much, and this Saturday I'll be assisting with the shoot of local Sydney band Circle Pit. The concept has a bit of Rockabilly influence :'D yay creepers~!!

Now I'm into the swing of things again, more posts coming up very soon.