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Adriano Zumbo Pastries

I just had to post these two in particular.

But who is she?

EDIT 28/4/12: Thank you to anonymous commenter below, this girl is model Misa Campo.


Tokyo Bopper Shoes

Don't know about you but I keep spotting these platforms everywhere lately. I searched for ages then of course, as usual, I stumbled across them while I wasn't looking on Shift. They're from Tokyo Bopper, which you can check out right here.

I had my heart set on this all-black pair, but by what I can tell from the site, the biggest size available online is 24cm sole, and I'm 25cm+ :'(


The white sneaker platforms below are from the mens range and I think they are my 2nd favourite.

All I can say is, hooray for the 90s revival!