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Three Wolf Moon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic I got a Three Wolf Moon ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I've been really into The Mountain t-shirt designs ever since seeing the Unicorn Castle shirt. and ofc I was inspired by Charlotte who wears the Three Wolf Moon the best. I actually bought two t-shirts by The Mountain, the next one I'm going to be customising just a tiny bit in one of my upcoming posts.

I feel like my beloved Ring Pops deserve a mention so I made a gif for them.
Man I love these.

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  1. wheee i love this!
    i have a wolf-moon t-shirt i got from jay jays (trust me, it's awesome) ages ago and it is most probably what i wear the most out of everything i have hahah

  2. (also, I had no idea that "Three Wolf Moon" was an actual thing haha!)

  3. I used to wear my wolf t-shirt all the time, here it is on my blogin 2008 I should pull it out and wear it again. Henry has one too. Yours is better with the moon and all xxx

  4. What size did you get? I was thinking about The Mountain t-shirts but I'm really confused about choosing the size.

  5. Aaah! so good! I've loved that t-shirt since I saw it on Charlotte, my boyfriend thinks it's so tacky though :( I think it looks great on you with the choker. Jealous.

  6. I have one, I usually wear size women's small and ordered a kids extra large. XS is like a kid's Large

  7. yes you really SHOULD watch Dick! it's a great movie for fashion eye candy.. I love your shirt, I own 2 shirts that are similar to mountain shirts, found them at a street market they have cat prints and glow in the dark eagles

  8. I love you. I love you blog. I love your style.

  9. If you are having sizing issues post on our facebook page: and we'd be happy to help out. Sophie you make our Three Wolf Moon shirt look great! Let us know if you'd like to model for us in some capacity. We love working with people that love our shirts.


    Michael M
    Creative Director
    The Mountain


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