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Halloween Part II

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Halloween Costume #2 - GHOST FAIRY BRIDE (?)
My costume for Sunday night festivities~ To be honest, I wasn't even 100% sure what I was going to be when I was planning this costume, I just knew I wanted it to look like this ^^^
What do you think I look like?
I made the floral crown myself! It was so fun and easy, I'll have to make more of them some time in different colours. I picked up the dress from Zoo Emporium for only $10! It was in a massive pile of other clothes and I dug it out from the bottom along with a wedding dress I tried on that was so heavy it took at least 15 minutes just to get over my head. And my black rose ♡ the costume is not complete without it.

Part III coming soon~


  1. Celestial <3

    Sofie you are so pretty ! ^____^

  2. I love both halloween costumes. My favorites so far... I think it's also how perfect they look on you, with that doll face and hair you have. Perfect ^_^

  3. Wow, once again.. great costume! I love all the white with the contrast of the black nails, that looks amazing. I'm a big fan of the make up again.

  4. You look AMAZING! Gah, you really do look ghostly and fairly like and like you just stepped out of the version of Picnic at Hanging Rock where they're all in heaven? Idk it's perfect.

  5. Your Halloween costume is perfection, you look so pretty and still quite ethereal and creepy, love it <3

  6. What a lovely Halloween outfit! I am literally like this now: *___*
    And I am so happy I discovered your blog! Your photos and outfits are gorgeous! I love reading your posts!!

  7. THIS IS SO PERFECT! I didn't get to do halloween this year, unfortunately. School work killed my time :(

  8. Have fallen in love with your blog... xx


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