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Wearing: Bless 'Holiday Garden' t-shirt, Ksubi cutoff shorts, AA punctuation tights, Demonia suede creepers, sister's hat, DIY velvet choker, SEE glasses.

The weather in Sydney is being such a tease right now; warm and sunny for a couple of days, freezing and raining for a few days, then back to warm and sunny again. Saturday was busy as I was working on a school-related project, so I spent Sunday morning watching the new SBS Pop Asia channel on digital and the rest of the day in the city. I picked up a new jumper from Alphaville! I'll be posting about it later on. It reminded me of Givenchy FW 11/12 menswear, so I was like akjhfjdfgkhkfjd and it was reduced too so I basically had no choice but to get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

p.s. and oh my god I finally updated my Lookbook after 10 million years


  1. SOFIE! If it were four-five years ago, I would print these pictures off and blutac them on my wall of teenage-poster craze and hope that one day I will be just as cool! ^_^v (ps - will get green tea soft serve any time!)

  2. the cake looks divine and i love your choker ^^ your hair is so long im very jeaslous :p how long have u been growing it?

  3. wow, girl you're so stunning and you dress so extremely stylish<3

  4. you are seriously one of the cutest people i have ever seen!//dariadaria


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