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Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

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My new hair clips by Kreepsville 666 arrived recently; eyeball bows (pink this time!) and skeleton hands.
I think I'm addicted to these hair clips @A@ help meeeeeeee


  1. I'm really into the skeleton hand hair clip, and the eyeball ribbons!!!

  2. Ohhh those hair clips give off quite he spook :O And they look really creative in your hair. I wouldn't know how to wear them out though.

  3. Your hair is so long and in such good condition! Sweet Clips Sofie ^__^

  4. Whooooooaaaaah why haven' I heard of this brand before?? WANT. Actually now that I think of it I have a rubber skeleton hand just like that, I could glue it on a clip or something and make one! Nice!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I really an trying to post more now!

  5. Actually now that I anticipate of it I accept a elastic skeleton duke just like that, I could cement it on a blow or something and accomplish one! Nice!

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  6. Lovin' the clips! I have one skelleton arm myself, but it's darn heavy and slides out of position.. These look a bit lighter. Nom.

  7. these are awesome!! i like your blog!

  8. Those are lovely, I'm following you, cuz you're awesome.


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