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Diesel Island

First photo by Hayley, all additional photos & editing by me.

Last Wednesday I attended the Diesel SS 11/12 launch party ("Diesel Island" ~ "the least fucked up country in the World") with Hayley and Leah, the editor of Fashion Journal! It was pretty sick~!! I wore an old Yeojin Bae dress, skeleton tights, lace socks, creepers and a single eyeball bow ^_~ because it seems I can't leave the house these days without at least one in my hair.


  1. Hey Sofie! You look so good!!!! And the event looks like lots of fun ^__^ Everyone looks really good looking :') haha Is this what it's like in Australia?! And i couldn't find the ebay link but i know a shop that sells the same one! ( They do two types, you could get one for that American apparel rucksack of yours!

    Ps. Thank you so much for 'Liking' that photo! It means alot to me! :) <3

  2. Love your outfit and I don't know if I have mentioned this yet but I love your hair.

  3. you look great in that outift, and these pics are great.Looks like you had an awesome night.

  4. wow that looks soo coool! Your photos are very good too!!


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