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Hamilton Island


So lately I've been doing a lot of one-photo posts, a.k.a 1pix which I picked up from another blogger a couple of years ago. 1pix allows me to post more often (even every day) but are they worth it? sigh~


  1. they are!!! love all the pics you post!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (happy valentine's day!!! - there's a flash give-away on my blog!)

  2. It's a good snippet into your life. I wish I was on that plane; wherever it is going! Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Hey Sofie! Hamilton Island looks like a beautiful haven.

    I am getting so used to looking out plane windows now!

    I like all your posts, no matter if they are 1pix or many pix - they are all wonderful! However, always do what you like best & what you enjoy most.

    x Vanessa


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