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Japanese Sweets

(p.s. the pepero are korean, but most are japanese so...)

Some goodies I've picked up and been eating over the passed week!
The little burgers are like buttery biscuits with chocolate filling. I was totally expecting them to taste like meat because I've seen a lot of japanese meat flavoured lollies before. The ice creams are also something I've never tried before; the one on the left is green tea flavoured and has a thick layer of green tea chocolate sealing the top of the cone. The one on the right is like a caramel waffle ice cream, mmmm.

Looking forward to a small NYE party at my house tonight as we have harbour views, then around midday of January 1st 2012 I'll be jetting off to Kangaroo Island in South Australia to meet up with the rest of my family, so I can't imagine I'll be getting too much sleep ╮(─▽─)╭ What are you up to this new years? Do you have any new years resolutions?


Value Meal

Value Meal backpack from Etsy, Long x Boy London t-shirt, Pulp Kitchen socks, Demonia creepers
ring gifted by sister from Melbourne, DIY gloomy bear necklace from phone charm.

I noticed a photo of this backpack floating around tumblr and saw it was from etsy - but sold out : - ( Finding decent backpacks with a size, function and overall design that I actually like is insanely difficult for me, so when I saw this I knew I had to track it down. I messaged the seller and a week or so later they notified me that another one was available!  ヽ( ゜▽ ゜)ノ My grandparents were kind enough to order this for me as my christmas gift and I absolutely adore it and loooooved wearing it out today. It's so cute and it functions even better than my AA backpack. I feel like I should pose around with it at a McDonalds or In-N-Out Burger 


'Tis the Season

Another Christmas down the hatch! *:・゚✧ Our day began with a much-too-early-for-me start, gift giving and receiving, then heading out for breakfast with the family. Other activities included learning to play Skyrim (!!!!!!!!), eating, watching Jingle All the Way, trying on new clothes, eating, taking lots of pictures and christmas dinneeerrrr which of course includes more eating and my favourite; our grandmother's jam tart with ice cream and hot custard mmmmmm.

What were your festivities for this holiday season?



Holiday projects funヽ( ゜▽ ゜)ノ
Thanks to sis for bringing me back all these + more cute hair clips from Vietnam. Now I just have to pluck up the courage to wear it out of the house 


Demon Kitties

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Mountain cats t-shirt, Demonia creepers.

Ta da~ my Japanese street style inspired customisation of the 2nd The Mountain t-shirt I ordered. I got a super massive size so I can wear it as a dress ︶ヮ︶ Also, do you notice anything different about me? I finally got my ratty ends cut off! Now my hair feels so short (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


Three Wolf Moon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic I got a Three Wolf Moon ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I've been really into The Mountain t-shirt designs ever since seeing the Unicorn Castle shirt. and ofc I was inspired by Charlotte who wears the Three Wolf Moon the best. I actually bought two t-shirts by The Mountain, the next one I'm going to be customising just a tiny bit in one of my upcoming posts.

I feel like my beloved Ring Pops deserve a mention so I made a gif for them.
Man I love these.

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Partly Cloudy

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Sretsis skirt, Jeremy Scott care label tee, American Apparel socks, Demonia white creepers.

My new pride and joy, my new baby, my new Sretsis skirt *angels singing*
I have an obsession with the "Up in the Clouds" AW11 collection, it's possibly my most favourite collection of theirs yet. Can I just say... the prints. THE PRINTS. Unicorns, rainbows, lambs, clouds, doves, deer *:・゚✧ Absolutely gorgeous. The only downside is that I'm slightly broke?? (But it is completely and entirely worth it). Not to mention everything about the make is beautiful, and it has a dainty pink spotted lining I was showing off above. Even the label and the tags are beautiful!

I'm ~officially~ on holidays now as I am 100% free. My holiday to-do list includes drawing, christmas shopping, getting a haircut, seeing friends, catching up on movies and TV, lots of DIY projects, and of course SLEEP!


Kid Zoom House

Just bought my dream home.


White Creepers

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic My black creepers have a new friend to play with! Say hi to my new Demonia white creeps (the 402 creeper) they actually arrived a couple of weeks ago but I've only just gotten around to photographing them. Now can I just say leather creepers are ROCK HARD! These took a few days of bruised feet and perseverance with a lot of pain in order to break in. But now they're lovely and comfy! They look best with coloured socks, which are near the top of my christmas wish list. What do you want for christmas this year?


Halloween Part III

Dismembered babies, severed hands, butchered human feet, a lone corpse, spiders, cobwebs, zombies and lots and lots and blood.

My final Halloween 2011 post~ These are my home decorations for Monday night. I think we get more gruesome every year. In fact one parent of a very little trick-or-treater said it was too gory for their child to be looking at. Mission accomplished!

For those of you who celebrate halloween, who or what did you go as this year? What festivities did you get up to? and if you have any posts covering them, be sure to link me below. Happy Halloween everyone!

P.S. what do you think of my pumpkin? Did I mention I carved THREE pumpkins over halloween weekend? I think it's my record to far.


Halloween Part II

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Halloween Costume #2 - GHOST FAIRY BRIDE (?)
My costume for Sunday night festivities~ To be honest, I wasn't even 100% sure what I was going to be when I was planning this costume, I just knew I wanted it to look like this ^^^
What do you think I look like?
I made the floral crown myself! It was so fun and easy, I'll have to make more of them some time in different colours. I picked up the dress from Zoo Emporium for only $10! It was in a massive pile of other clothes and I dug it out from the bottom along with a wedding dress I tried on that was so heavy it took at least 15 minutes just to get over my head. And my black rose ♡ the costume is not complete without it.

Part III coming soon~


Halloween Part I

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Costume for Saturday night - ZOMBIE SCHOOLGIRL
HOORAY FOR HALLOWEEN! One my most favourite seasons ever~ I was so excited for my costumes this year more than any year before. I actually bought the sailor uniform for an event 2 years ago and now I'm finally getting a bit more wear out of it before I sell it. I made the wounds myself using scar wax, fake drying blood and eyeshadow. Even ran into a few people who thought we were seriously injured and asked us if we needed help!

Stay tuned for PART II coming soon ~