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long time no talk

Things that have happened since I last posted:
  • Did the HSC
  • Finished the HSC
  • Was so excited because the HSC was over and now no more high school forever!!
  • Went overseas
And that brings you up to date! On the 21st Nov we left for LA where we stayed for 4 days, and now we are about to have our 2nd night here in Las Vegas. It's our second time here and even though I'm not even close to 21 so I can't gamble or go clubbing, I still find it a really fun place with amazing sites and great shopping. Oh, and another giant part of the reason why I haven't updated lately is because my Macbook-Not-Pro is completely broken and is being repaired back in Sydney with a new hard drive. Haven't lost anything, but have been without my files and basically my horcrux for weeks (right now I'm using my old white macbook).

I have a huge amount of other photos and news and other things I'll be posting soon! Hope everyone has been well, and happy thanksgiving weekend~

p.s. do you like my time lapse packing gif? There's an odd item I 'hidden' in one of the frames, see if you can spot it.