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Japanese Goodies

I gave my room a huge clean up yesterday, including an entire re-organization of my wardrobe, re-stacking of magazines and a clearing my desk and floor space. Underneath my bed I found a crate filled with a bunch of goodies I purchased in the US back in January, which I still hadn't opened/used/eaten. Above is the first item; miniature japanese foods and kitchen items. On the box it says "Is Dinner Ready?!". And if anyone can translate the japanese text... ^_~

I'd already opened the on on the right in the US the day I purchased it from this store that sells all imported toys, stationary, home wears and lollies from Japan. It's a mini gyoza/dumpling set, which I love because they are one of my favourite foods om nom nom.

Gyoza, anyone?

Opening the second box...

Yes! The dish washing set!

Complete with a real sponge and little brown furry scrubber thing
(does anyone know the names of those?)

In the packet containing the two above items, there was this little note.
Again, if anyone can translate the japanese...? I'm very curious as to what it says.

Eek! Now you can see what a terrible polish job I do of my nails.

Second item, orange/mandarin lip balm from EPCOT.

Orange is my favourite flavour of everything, especially lollies... and orange chocolate! :)
Most people I know find this really weird.
Is anyone else out there a fan of orange flavoured things?

Okay, Munny is the one part of this post that is not Japanese. Munny is actually by Kidrobot. But it would have been a little awkward to put "Japanese and one American goody" as the title ^^

I got this one at the MoMA in NYC, along with a blue one and a
white one (which I gave to my brother).

I am a huge fan of Kidrobot designs. They were a big influence in my visual arts major work, (which I'm still in the process of making). A couple of years ago I visited their LA store, which was amazing! I could look at all their little figurines for hours.

Munnys come with a pen (to draw designs on their bodies), a planning sticker,
a name tag and a surprise accessory. I'm too scared to draw on mine in case I ruin them,
so I just leave them blank.

I got a hat!


What the?!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend~