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Opening Ceremony




Wearing: Blazer from Salvation Army, Jeremy Scott care label tee, Nathan Smith tank dress (underneath), leggings from B store on Melrose, Vivian Westwood for Melissa rain boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

I finally visited Opening Ceremony in LA! It was one of the most exciting things I did this whole trip. The store is literally like a house. Every room/section of the building is filled with a different type of clothing or designer, for example there was one room filled with outerwear and another filled with only Acne and then another filled with super thick sweaters and cardigans. One designer in particular I was looking forward to seeing was KTZ, one of my favourite new Japanese labels. I got to touch these boots which I've only ever seen online:

There's also a section for the Opening Ceremony TRON collection (which was incredible to see 'in the flesh') and then when you think that you've seen everything there's an upstairs section... /sigh it was so amazing. There were two things I had on my list to find. I found both, but only chose one because I'm trying to save money plus I liked the one that I bought a lot more :) I'll save it for a future post!


  1. I love your outfit! And Opening Ceremony sounds amazing... those boot are gorgeous x

  2. Looks amazing! I really like the look of the TRON collaboration!!!

    xx Vanessa

  3. i love your look. and your blog looks amazing :)

  4. Sounds amazing, my imagination is running wild. Oh, to be in LA and at Opening Ceremony! I even look forward to their drive thru Starbucks!

  5. That first picture is really cool :)
    I love your outfit the blazer looks awesome!

  6. i love your style!
    these shoes are insane-i wish we had an opening ceremony in australia!


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