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Cherubs & Balloons


Another snap from NYE 2009 at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.
All I've been doing lately is uploading a bunch of lomography. I guess it's because I'm back doing photography at school so I've been
printing a heap of photos! You're probably scrolling down thinking, "geez, is this just a black & white photo blog or what?".

This is one of the best ever photos I've taken on my Holga... Because, as I'm sure any Lomoheads out there know, the success rate
for photos is only around 50% - if you're lucky. ;)

Taken with a HOLGA 120 CFN.


  1. This is an amazing photo! It reminds me of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. It FEELS like NYE, it's exciting and anxious at the same time.

    Please keep posting more.

    xx Vanessa

  2. This picture is beautiful! Very lucky shot, Holga's can be very temperamental.

  3. great pic!! love it.. I also love your blog, it's so cool! i'm following you now (-:

    - tanna

  4. I stayed in The Rock Room, one night at the Madonna Inn is enough, kinda like eating too much candy, leaves you a little sick.
    I think your photography is great.

  5. Thanks for the Follow back. You should rent this film called ARIA some night if you can find it. It's a compilation of short films set to opera music, sort of MTV meets opera.
    There is one short film in it set in the Madonna Inn (they stay in the room I had) where the characters drop E or acid and wander around the place. It is actually pretty funny.
    I respect your decision to photograph the nauseatingly colorful Madonna Inn in B&W. You have a good eye.

  6. cool pics


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