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Cherubs & Balloons


Another snap from NYE 2009 at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.
All I've been doing lately is uploading a bunch of lomography. I guess it's because I'm back doing photography at school so I've been
printing a heap of photos! You're probably scrolling down thinking, "geez, is this just a black & white photo blog or what?".

This is one of the best ever photos I've taken on my Holga... Because, as I'm sure any Lomoheads out there know, the success rate
for photos is only around 50% - if you're lucky. ;)

Taken with a HOLGA 120 CFN.



Photos of our new kitten - Champ!
He's 4 months old this March. We picked him up from a Cat Protection Society. He was abandoned and found on the streets,
but now he has a lovely new home with us.