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Candy Sugar

I loovvee coming home to find a package has arrived, especially when it's brown paper tied up with string.

Because I am a Japanophile I ordered this Candy Sugar Japanese school/book bag from Lawrara.







I love the size - it fits several binders and notebooks plus my pencil case inside, even with room for my lunch. One thing I found particularly handy was the water bottle compartment lined with that silvery waterproof fabric (which I clearly do not know the name of) that you find on the inside of cooler bags. Can't wait to use it around school ^o^ It will be just like in the animes. I wonder if the Japanese exchange girls will notice?
All I need now is a legit sailor fuku to go with it. Might not wear that to school though.


  1. Ahhh This post helped me so much! thanks for the pictures! can't wait to get mine in the mail!

  2. That candy sugar bag is cute!!! Mine is kind of dirty now :/ do you know how to clean it??

  3. Thanks for this post! Mine is coming soon, but I can't wait xD And these pictures are really good quality, the bag looks even better than I thought it would!


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