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Seasonal Drinks


Peppermint hot chocolate from Seattle's Best Coffee. I love the holiday season for these drinks.

Opening Ceremony




Wearing: Blazer from Salvation Army, Jeremy Scott care label tee, Nathan Smith tank dress (underneath), leggings from B store on Melrose, Vivian Westwood for Melissa rain boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

I finally visited Opening Ceremony in LA! It was one of the most exciting things I did this whole trip. The store is literally like a house. Every room/section of the building is filled with a different type of clothing or designer, for example there was one room filled with outerwear and another filled with only Acne and then another filled with super thick sweaters and cardigans. One designer in particular I was looking forward to seeing was KTZ, one of my favourite new Japanese labels. I got to touch these boots which I've only ever seen online:

There's also a section for the Opening Ceremony TRON collection (which was incredible to see 'in the flesh') and then when you think that you've seen everything there's an upstairs section... /sigh it was so amazing. There were two things I had on my list to find. I found both, but only chose one because I'm trying to save money plus I liked the one that I bought a lot more :) I'll save it for a future post!

LA, Vegas & Disneyland





Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, The Grove LA, view from the 52nd floor in Las Vegas, Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure.
Photos + editing by me.


Instax Mini

instax mini

Got it in vegas :) my pride and joy~


Sanrio x Doc Marten

Did I completely miss this boat? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw these in Nylon. These boots are for Doc Marten's 50th anniversary and were released on September 1 2010.

BRB, buying every single pair of these that aren't sold out.

Image credits/more info:


Care Label Tee



I was so excited to get this. In fact I'm too scared to take it out of it's packaging and even wear it. Anyway, what do you think? Some Jeremy Scott items can seem a little over the top for some people (not me personally) but this particular piece was both quirky and everyday-wearable. Can't wait to take it out for a spin.


Taped Up






Mesh backed oversize shirt by Something Else, grey duct tape jeans by Cheap Monday, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa boots, necklace by Cheap Monday.

Hello! It's been a long time since an outfit post. And yes, although it's tricky to see, more mesh again. I picked up this mesh-backed t-shirt from David Jones and I absolutely love it! It's so comfortable and goes with everything. As for the green wristband I'm wearing above, it's from IMATS, the International Make-up Artist Trade Show. Saw some of the most incredible make-up artistry, including a collection Alice in Wonderland themed looks. Photos will be in my next post.


Get Meshy



Mesh backed silk shirt by Witchery, Cheap Monday net tight jeans*, Funkis sandals. (Also wearing a Cheap Monday safety pin chain necklace... which I forgot to make visible. Oops.)

Wow, I don't think I've done a proper full outfit post in months. This one is just a quick and simple look. Usually it's too cold to wear a shirt like this alone, but it was a sunny day so I thought I'd take advantage of the weather! I bought this top from Witchery's latest collection thinking "Hmm this will probably be on sale in two months" but I just had to have it now, hopefully before a lot of other people! As you can probably tell, I have a thing for mesh at the moment. And is it just me, or does it seem to be turning into a trend?
*I didn't do justice to the netting when photographing my jeans, so here is what they look like close up.

Hope everyone is having a great week~!


Japanese Goodies

I gave my room a huge clean up yesterday, including an entire re-organization of my wardrobe, re-stacking of magazines and a clearing my desk and floor space. Underneath my bed I found a crate filled with a bunch of goodies I purchased in the US back in January, which I still hadn't opened/used/eaten. Above is the first item; miniature japanese foods and kitchen items. On the box it says "Is Dinner Ready?!". And if anyone can translate the japanese text... ^_~

I'd already opened the on on the right in the US the day I purchased it from this store that sells all imported toys, stationary, home wears and lollies from Japan. It's a mini gyoza/dumpling set, which I love because they are one of my favourite foods om nom nom.

Gyoza, anyone?

Opening the second box...

Yes! The dish washing set!

Complete with a real sponge and little brown furry scrubber thing
(does anyone know the names of those?)

In the packet containing the two above items, there was this little note.
Again, if anyone can translate the japanese...? I'm very curious as to what it says.

Eek! Now you can see what a terrible polish job I do of my nails.

Second item, orange/mandarin lip balm from EPCOT.

Orange is my favourite flavour of everything, especially lollies... and orange chocolate! :)
Most people I know find this really weird.
Is anyone else out there a fan of orange flavoured things?

Okay, Munny is the one part of this post that is not Japanese. Munny is actually by Kidrobot. But it would have been a little awkward to put "Japanese and one American goody" as the title ^^

I got this one at the MoMA in NYC, along with a blue one and a
white one (which I gave to my brother).

I am a huge fan of Kidrobot designs. They were a big influence in my visual arts major work, (which I'm still in the process of making). A couple of years ago I visited their LA store, which was amazing! I could look at all their little figurines for hours.

Munnys come with a pen (to draw designs on their bodies), a planning sticker,
a name tag and a surprise accessory. I'm too scared to draw on mine in case I ruin them,
so I just leave them blank.

I got a hat!


What the?!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend~



Apologies for the break in posting, I've had a lot of school exams and assessments lately ( three this week >_< ) so I've been spending the majority of my time studying or essay writing.

I picked up a sunblock and violet nail polish from Korean cosmetic brand MISSHA. Have you heard of them? I'd never really known about them until I visited one of their stores in the city.
Being very fair, I have to be cautious when in the sun and wear an SPF moisturiser every day. It's rare to come across any creams over SPF 30 in Australia unless they are imported like these MISSHA products, so I was thrilled to find one that was SPF 45! (They even had an SPF 50, but I decided to start off a little lower).
Do any of you use sunblock every day?

EDIT: By the way, the prices are quite reasonable. The polish was $3.95 for the mini bottle and the sunblock was around $19, which is great value considering it's a very high SPF.

Oh and the little gold keychain was a freebie for the stores recent opening!
My sister purchased a small haul from MISSHA and received the key chain and a MISSHA cookie mug too. Sometimes I find there's nothing more awesome than a free gift :)


Cherubs & Balloons


Another snap from NYE 2009 at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.
All I've been doing lately is uploading a bunch of lomography. I guess it's because I'm back doing photography at school so I've been
printing a heap of photos! You're probably scrolling down thinking, "geez, is this just a black & white photo blog or what?".

This is one of the best ever photos I've taken on my Holga... Because, as I'm sure any Lomoheads out there know, the success rate
for photos is only around 50% - if you're lucky. ;)

Taken with a HOLGA 120 CFN.



Photos of our new kitten - Champ!
He's 4 months old this March. We picked him up from a Cat Protection Society. He was abandoned and found on the streets,
but now he has a lovely new home with us.