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Recreating the Look | Sarah from 'Labyrinth'

Ever since I first saw a rerun of Labyrinth (1986) on TV when I was still in primary school, I had always really liked the look of Sarah's outfit. For those of you who haven't seen this cult classic, a young Jennifer Connelly plays teenager Sarah who goes on a journey through a magical labyrinth to rescue her baby brother after he's captured by the sassy and stylish Goblin King a.k.a. David Bowie. I won't spoil it though because it's worth a watch! (Or at least go and look up "Magic Dance" in YouTube). Anyway, Sarah's main outfit features essential mid 80s ~ early 90s pieces, such as her oversized vest and billowy blouse (those sleeves are amazing). Considering today's trends are a mishmash of 60s, 70s and 90s revival, why the heck not bring back a bit of 80s vibes. If you're not keen on the waistcoat, you could easily ditch it or go for a more minimal oversized vest. All items below:

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Giza Tennis Club

Giza x Joyrich Tennis Club sweatshirt + matching sweatpants 
Pink cap from eBay

This Giza x Joyrich Tennis Club collection was everything! The pastel colours, cute prints and embroidery. Also, I played tennis for about 9 years when I was a kid so I feel it's slightly more relevant to me. A pale pink and white tennis court would have been my dream! Plus yellow smiley face tennis balls of course.

By the way, the sweatpants from this set are for sale over here on my blog shop.

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Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher

The other week we checked out Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher in Newtown (Sydney), which is both a store and cafe. It has been on my list ever since I saw their amazing breakfast menu (and it's ALL DAY might I add!). I chose the waffles with maple syrup and banana, with a side of vanilla ice cream and a hash brown. My sister went for the hash brown breakfast, with avocado on turkish bread, hash browns, tomato and smokey rashers. All of the menu items are 100% vegan. The food was tasty and portions were generous, but I hope they can introduce a bigger variety of iced drink options on the menu soon, such as coffees, milkshakes, etc. I'm keen to head back soon to try out their tofu scramble and their burgers!

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